Are you seeking the best free image submission sites list for SEO link building? You are in the right blog post to get all updated free high-quality image submission sites list.

Image/ photo submission is a creative way of expanding your business and generating more leads. The newcomers and small entrepreneurs can gain and ramp up their websites by using image submission.

Image submission means placing your website image on a different reputed site to interact with people that help to create backlinks and referral traffic.

Image submission is one of the most crucial link-building methods used in off-page SEO to generate relevant and high-quality links. In Simple, it helps to improve your keyword ranking through image search.


Image is compelling compared to text in the field of SEO. The image also conveys an extraordinary impact on users, and it is the best way to tell your audience about your business and brand on online platforms.

It also helps to improve search ranking, increase organic traffic and rank your site on the top of Google.


Below mentioned image submission sites list with DA PA will help get organic traffic and authority link juice.

What is image submission?

Image submission involves uploading images to different image sharing sites regarding your business or website. In simple terms, leave the images related to your website to attract an audience.

You will get 100% benefits from using images that are easily detected by the web crawlers. The most famous image submission sites lists are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

What is image submission in SEO?

Image submission in SEO means placing your website images on different image-sharing sites. It interacts with the audience creating link building and getting vast numbers of referral visitors.

Image submission is one of the most valuable parts of the off-page SEO technique used to promote brand visibility and high-quality links.


Image sharing won’t work if you don’t optimize your image. You have to select an accurate impressive title, description, tags, alt text then the search engine quickly crawls.

During image submission, you should keep in mind that you attract the right audience for your business or website.

Benefits of Image Submission


Image submission is crucial, and it helps your content be more attractive, accessible and engaging to traffic. It helps search engines to determine images of the content that improve the semantic meaning of the page.

There are vast benefits of using image submission sites to boost your SEO. Here are a few of them as follows.


  • Image submission is the best practice to promote your brand visibility, product, and services.


  • It does search appearance in the search results to improve the quality of any business website.


  • Your website will get backlinks and potential traffic.


  • Image submission helps create reliable backlinks for your business website that generate more customers.


  • It is a proven method that an image can say more than text that visuals tend to create a long-lasting impact in SEO.


  • The image also generates an organic crowd and helps connect a brand with the idea that portrays its features.


  • The image can easily rank up your business website on the search engine result page and enhance the credibility of your business website branding.


Image Submission Guideline: How to Image Submission in SEO?


Image sharing in SEO is leaving images related to your site in different high-quality image submission sites with keywords. It involves choosing the relevant images, the correct title, file format, alt text, and image description.


There are 02 common ways in which you can share an image.


  • Posting images on image submission websites


  • Uploading images on your website


It is vital that images used in web content be well optimized for search engine crawlers to recognize. The following steps will enable you to optimize images.


Proper image selection: The image you choose must be relevant fresh and should not be copied or have a watermark to your niche.

Copyright won’t be accepted in reputed image-sharing sites like It also offers a broad range of HD-quality images for your website.


Image file format: Most standard image file formats are PNG, GIF, and JPEG; all browsers support JPEG. So be aware of JPEG file formats that affect the quality of images. It is essential to know if you are looking for great results in Search engine optimization.

PNG gives better resolution and support transparency; on the other hand, GIF is ideal for logos, animations, and simple art. So file format would help if you chose which is fit for your web content among the three.


Image optimization: It means reducing the size of your image without compromising the quality. You should be done correctly regarding the load time of the images on your page.


Alt-text: It has been neglected, which is harmful to the SEO result on long-term survival, so adding alt text every image. Alt texts are essential because screen readers also use alt text for the visually impaired.


File Name: Use relevant image file names to make it easier for search engines to find them. If the image name is Burj Khalifa, give a file name like Burj_Khalifa Tower_IMG_2022.


Image description:  It helps to define your image. Give an accurate image description that will work efficiently for SEO results.


Sitemaps: Sitemaps can make it easier for search engines to read information about your image. The existing sitemap of your website can add your image information.


You can upload images on image-sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr to get the best SEO results. It is an excellent opportunity to add website links that will help to boost your website’s online visibility.


Top 10 Image Submission Sites List

Image submission can be helpful for SEO, getting high-quality backlinks, getting massive traffic and gaining your business brand visibility.

There are many image submission sites, but the key factor is finding the right platform to upload images to get more exposure, visitors and SEO benefits. Here are the top 10 image submissions sites list that you can use for free.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the best platform that more than 250 million people use around the World. You can upload and publish your pins (image) for free. Open a free account with any mail or Facebook, upload images to your Pinterest boards and connect with others.

2. Flickr

Flickr is the unique image hosting platform around the World. Most people use Flickr for two reasons one; you will get billion high-quality images. Another Flickr provides EXIF information is standard that specifies sound and the image format.

A digital camera and scanner use it to upload a high-quality image without compressing images quality. You can keep your pictures on Flickr also give 1000 GB of free storage.

3. Google photos

Google photos are one of the best free image-sharing websites where anyone can upload a ton of high-quality images. The key advantage is faster access, automatically organized, security back up and tagged, so quickly find them.

Another advantage is that you can upload without reducing image size. Google photos give you 15 GB of free storage on Google drive

4. Instagram

Instagram quickly becomes a popular site that has above billion users. You can status updates, posts, and stories to get more visibility of your images. Instagram is the greatest platform to share your images online.

You can use hashtags as a better way to get more followers likes. People are searching hashtags it also trying to narrow their search.

You can put stories and once hit 10K followers on this platform and embed a link where the audience can swipe up to visit your stories.


Imgur is a fantastic online image hosting site. It is the top destination for visitors from all over the world to discover and share a ton of gifts and images.

Imgur allows uploading free photos, and it accepts files like PNG, APNG, JPEG. GIF, MOV, TIFF, etc. You can upload 50 images per hour from single IP.


500px is the largest online image hosting community all over the World. It is a global photography network where discover 15 million creative’s and share stunning images get paid for their work.

So if you are a creative and professional photographer looking to get paid for your images. You can start uploading your images to earn money.

7. Photobucket

Photobucket is currently the biggest image submission site that hosts more than ten billion images and access above 100 million registered every day.

You will get more exposure for your photos using a platform where millions of men search various types of images. It has a premium pricing plan, but you can use 2 GB of storage for free.

Free accounts couldn’t allow any third-party image hosting.

8. Shutterfly

Most people use the Shutterfly hosting site because it gives unlimited free storage. It is the best platform to save a bulk number of images online that will never be deleted. You will get a free set of address labels, 5 free magnets, 8×10 art print, and 101 4×6 print for free.

9. Tiny Pic

Tiny Pic is a photo hosting site operated by Photobucket. You have to upload images from your local drive (mention tag, title, description, filename) and click the “upload now” button. Once you upload any image, it will create a short URL that can be shared on the web.

10. Unsplash

Unsplash is a dedicated image-sharing platform with access to over 1,00,000 contributing photographers. It generates above nine billion image impressions each month and has a library of over 830,000 images on its platform.

You can find any images and 1000 non-stock photos that can be downloaded. It allows you to send images for free where you want to display your name, get likes and how many people downloaded your images.

Another attribute you can show camera gear is what you are using along with the lenses.

20 free image submission sites list for Quality Backlinks

SL Image Submission Sites DA PA Moz
1 97 88 8.8
2 96 100 10
3 94 84 8.4
4 94 81 8.1
5 https://www.4shared com 94 78 7.8
6 94 72 7.2
7 93 100 10
8 93 88 8.8
9 93 60 6.0
10 92 95 9.5
11 92 84 8.4
12 92 83 8.3
13 92 67 6.7
14 89 80 8.0
15 88 66 6.6
16 87 73 7.3
17 85 77 7.7
18 83 71 7.1
19 74 62 6.2
20 65 56 5.6
21 9 39 3.9


70 High DA, PA Image Submission Sites List to Boost SEO



Image Submission Sites List DA PA


1 96 85 8.5
2 95 84 8.4
3 95 82 8.2
4 94 100 10
5 94 80 8.0
6 94 78 7.8
7 94 72 7.2
8 93 84 8.4
9 93 78 7.8
10 93 67 6.7
11 93 68 6.8
12 93 61 6.1
13 92 74 7.4
14 92 71 7.1
15 92 67 6.7
16 90 96 9.6
17 89 80 8.0
18 89 72 7.2
19 89 67 6.7
20 89 67 6.7
21 89 65 6.5
22 87 100 10
23 87 67 6.7
24 86 100 10
25 86 67 6.7
26 86 64 6.4
27 85 70 7.0
28 85 67 6.7
29 84 70 7.0
30 83 71 7.1
31 83 67 6.7
32 82 63 6.3
33 81 65 6.5
34 78 64 6.4
35 77 69 6.9
36 77 65 6.5
37 77 62 6.2
38 76 66 6.6
39 76 70 7.0
40 76 54 5.4
41 75 67 6.7
42 75 61 6.1
43 74 63 6.3
44 73 61 6.1
45 70 58 5.8
46 69 65 6.5
47 68 59 5.9
48 68 56 5.6
49 67 50 5.0
50 66 54 5.4
51 65 60 6.0
52 65 56 5.6
53 63 57 5.7
54 63 57 5.7
55 62 59 5.9
56 57 54 5.4
57 56 60 6.1
58 55 53 5.3
59 52 60 6.0
60 51 52 5.2
61 50 54 5.4
62 45 58 5.8
63 45 52 5.2
64 43 53 5.3
65 40 50 5.0
66 39 49 4.9
67 24 36 3.6
68 22 37 3.7
69 22 43 4.3
70 21 37 3.7
71 18 30 3.0


Final Thoughts

The above crafted 100+ top image submission sites list with updates (DA, PA, and Moz.). Image submission is an entailing and influential topic of SEO.

It is the very best way to expand your business and more leads generation. Image submission displays your image and drives more potential traffic to your business website, stores, apps, etc.

Did we miss any popular image submission websites on the above list? Share your opinion in the comment box.

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