Are you having trouble getting your website indexed by Google and others search engines? Ping submission sites play a crucial role in indexing websites by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Select this high-authority free ping submission sites list to get your site indexed faster.

Ping submission websites alert search engines and blog directories that your blog is updated with new content. It can potentially improve blog search ranking and blog directory visibility. When ping your blog, it sends a signal to search engines to crawl and index your new content, which appears higher in search results. It can be a helpful tool for notifying Google to improve your website’s SEO and search engine rankings.

Search engines like Google never index over 80% of backlinks. Ping submission sites can help index your website. With just a single click, you can easily index new blog content, website, and backlinks by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and RSS feeds. Ping submission is an easy and faster method of allowing Google to crawl your website, but make sure you publish high-quality content.

You can quickly and easily index your website using the high-quality free ping submission sites list. Here are 70+ top ping sites to help you index your site or blog faster on search engines. Let’s get ready!

What is Ping Submission in SEO?

Ping submission in SEO refers to the process of notifying search engines like Google and other online services about updates made to a website. It involves sending out signals or notifications, often in the form of pings, to inform search engines of new content, modifications, or updates on a website.

Ping submission helps speed up the indexing process, ensuring that search engines are aware of the latest changes to a website’s content or structure. Using ping submission, website owners can improve their website’s higher ranking and visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Why should you use the Ping Service? 

Using a ping service offers several benefits for website owners and SEO practitioners:

Faster Indexing: Ping services notify search engines and other online directories about updates or changes made to a website. This process ensures that your new content or modifications are crawled and indexed more quickly.

Improved Visibility: It notifies search engines promptly about updates that increase your content appearing in search engine results pages (SERPs). It helps to lead to improved visibility for your website and its content.

Better Ranking Opportunities: With faster indexing and improved visibility, your website may have better opportunities to rank higher in search results. Ping submission can attract more organic traffic to your website and lead to increased conversions or engagement.

Timely Updates: Ping services help ensure that search engines are aware of the latest changes to your website’s content or structure. It is essential for websites that frequently publish new content or make regular updates.

Ease of Use: Ping services are typically user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise to use. Most services offer simple interfaces where you can enter your website’s URL and initiate the ping process with just a few clicks.

Using a ping service can be an effective strategy for enhancing your website’s SEO efforts, improving indexing speed, and increasing visibility in search engine results.

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Are there any negative effects of pinging too much?

Yes, there can be negative effects of pinging too much. Here are some potential drawbacks:

Perceived as Spam: Excessive pinging can be perceived as spammy behaviour by search engines. Suppose search engines detect a pattern of frequent pinging for minor updates or insignificant changes. In that case, they may penalize the website by lowering its ranking or even removing it from search results.

Overloading Servers: Pinging too frequently can put unnecessary strain on the servers of both the ping service and the search engines. This can lead to server downtime, affect the performance of your website, and potentially inconvenience users.

Waste of Resources: Pinging excessively for minor updates or changes that are not significant can be a waste of resources, both for the website owner and the search engines. It consumes bandwidth and server resources without providing any real benefit in terms of SEO or indexing speed.

Diminished Crawl Rate: Search engines have limited resources allocated for crawling and indexing websites. If a website is constantly pinging for minor updates, search engines may prioritize other websites with more substantial changes, leading to a lower crawl rate for the over-pinged website.

Algorithmic Penalties: Some search engine algorithms are designed to detect and penalize sites that engage in manipulative or spammy practices, including excessive pinging. This can decrease organic traffic and overall visibility for the affected website.

Ping submission can be a useful SEO tool when used appropriately. Excessive pinging must be avoided to mitigate the risk of negative consequences such as search engine penalties and server strain. It’s advisable to ping only when you have significant updates or new content to notify search engines about.

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What are the Benefits of Free Ping Submission Sites?

Free ping submission sites offer several benefits for website owners and SEO practitioners:

Faster Indexing: Ping submission sites can expedite the indexing process by notifying search engines about updates or changes to your website. That means your new content is crawled and indexed more quickly, leading to faster visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Improved Visibility: With faster indexing, your website has better opportunities to appear in search results sooner. This can increase your website’s visibility to users searching for relevant topics or keywords and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Enhanced SEO: Ping submission sites can be an effective SEO tool by ensuring that search engines are promptly notified of your website’s updates. It can improve the chances of a higher ranking in search results for relevant queries.

Time and Resource Savings: Using free ping submission sites is a convenient and efficient way to notify multiple search engines and directories about your website updates simultaneously. It saves your time and resources compared to manually submitting your website URL to each search engine.

User-Friendly Interface: Many free ping submission sites offer user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to submit your website URL with just a few clicks. You don’t need advanced technical skills to use these platforms effectively.

Cost Savings: As the name suggests, free ping submission sites do not charge payment or subscription fees to use their services. This makes them accessible to website owners with limited budgets who still want to improve their website’s visibility and indexing speed.

Ping submission can be a valuable tool for your websites to enhance SEO efforts, increase search visibility, and get more organic traffic to your sites.

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How Does Ping Submission Help in Crawling New Blog Posts and Backlinks? 

Ping submission can help crawl newly created blog posts and backlinks by notifying search engines about these updates. Here’s how it works:

  • New Blog Posts: When you publish a new blog post on your site, ensure that search engines are aware of it so that they can crawl and index it quickly. By using ping submission, you can notify search engines about the new blog post so that they can crawl and index it faster. This can lead to faster inclusion of your new blog post in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Backlinks: Similarly, when you create new backlinks pointing to your website from other websites, it’s beneficial to notify search engines about these new links. By using ping submission, you can inform search engines about the existence of these backlinks to crawl the linking pages and discover the link to your website. That can help in faster discovery and indexing of the backlinks, improving your website’s search engine visibility and authority.

Ping submission is a proactive strategy for ensuring that search engines are promptly informed about new blog posts and backlinks. It is faster crawling, indexing, and inclusion in search engine results, which contribute to improved organic traffic and visibility for your website.

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How do you add a Ping Submission to a WordPress blog?

WordPress website users can easily ping the submission of their new blog posts automatically. See the steps below for how to update or add a ping submission to the WordPress website.

1st step: log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on the settings tab.

ping submission

2nd step: Go to the writing tab.

ping submission sites

3rd step: Click on the writing tab in the setting option will appear to update services.

list of ping submission sites

4th step: paste the above ping sites into the box and save the changes.

free ping submission sites list

You have successfully updated the list of free ping submission sites on the WordPress blog website

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Top 12 Free Ping Submission Sites List 

Here’s a brief overview of each of the mentioned free ping submission sites list


This site helps you to ping your URLs to search engines for quicker indexing. It’s a straightforward tool where you enter your URL, and it notifies various search engines about your new content.


Ping-O-Matic is a popular service that pings multiple search engines and directories at once. It’s efficient and widely used by bloggers and website owners to notify Google about new content updates.


Pingler allows you to ping your website or blog to search engines and directories. It’s user-friendly and offers both free and premium plans with additional features like scheduling pings and tracking results.

Feedburner Ping 

Feedburner Ping is designed explicitly to notify feed directories about updates to your RSS feeds. If you’re running a blog or publishing content through RSS feeds, this tool can be handy for ensuring timely updates.

Ping My Links 

This tool checks if your URLs are accessible and notify search engines about any updates or new content. It’s useful for quickly checking the status of multiple links and ensuring search engines index them.

Total Ping 

Total Ping is a comprehensive ping service that notifies search engines, blog directories, and news websites about your website updates. It helps in increasing the visibility of your content across different platforms.


PrepostSEO offers a suite of SEO tools, including a ping service. It allows you to ping your website URLs to search engines for better visibility and faster indexing in search results.


WMTools provides various webmaster tools, including a ping service. It’s simple to use and helps in notifying search engines about changes to your website or blog.


PingFarm is a free ping service that notifies search engines and directories about your website updates. It’s fast and efficient, making it a popular choice among website owners.

Feed Shark 

Feed Shark specializes in pinging RSS feeds to search engines and directories. It ensures that your feed updates are quickly recognized by search engines, leading to faster content indexing.


BlogBuzzer helps bloggers in pinging their blog posts to search engines for faster indexing. It’s a handy tool for bloggers looking to increase the visibility of their content.

Bulk Link 

Bulk Link is a tool for quickly pinging multiple URLs to search engines and directories. It’s efficient for website owners who want to notify search engines about updates to multiple pages simultaneously.

These free ping submission sites list are valuable for bloggers and website owners to improve the visibility and indexing of their content across various search engines and directories.

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Top 60+ Free Ping Submission Sites List [High DA and PA]

Here is a list of free ping submission sites that notify Google and other major search engines about your new blog post and backlinks to crawl and index faster. Use these free ping submission sites list to boost your website search visibility swiftly.

SL. Free Ping Submission Sites List & URL DR PR
1 95 71
2 92 68
3 92 56
4 92 52
5 91 61
6 88 66
7 81 55
8 80 43
9 78 43
10 75 43
11 71 44
12 69 55
13 65 53
14 65 36
15 58 52
16 53 56
17 51 50
18 50 49
19 50 33
20 49 39
21 48 52
22 46 48
23 45 51
24 44 46
25 43 50
26 42 50
27 42 46
28 41 43
29 40 31
30 38 49
31 38 29
32 37 49
33 37 37
34 37 36
35 36 29
36 35 52
37 35 47
38 35 46
39 35 25
40 34 42
41 33 45
42 32 47
43 31 42
44 30 46
45 30 46
46 30 45
47 30 43
48 29 43
49 29 42
50 29 41
51 29 30
52 28 44
53 28 41
54 27 45
55 27 44
56 27 44
57 27 27
58 26 41
59 26 40
60 26 22
61 26 21
62 24 52
63 21 29
64 14 21
65 7 47

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Here is a free list of ping submission sites that can be a valuable tool for improving your website’s search engine visibility and enhancing your online presence. I hope you understand what ping submission is and how to submit your website URL to a WordPress blog. Pinging search engines regularly on your website can prompt faster indexing of your new content.

Ping submission helps improve search ranking and increase organic traffic. For long-term SEO success, it is helpful to practice a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes proper keyword optimization, quality content creation, and other legitimate techniques.

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FAQs for Free Ping Submission Sites List

What is ping in SEO?

In SEO, ping refers to notifying Google and other search engines about new or updated content on a website.

Does pinging help SEO?

Yes, pinging can help SEO by notifying search engines about fresh content, potentially leading to quicker indexing and improved visibility in search results.

Does Ping submission work in a year?

Ping submission can work throughout the year, but it is effectiveness may vary depending on factors like the quality of the ping service and search engine algorithms.

How often do you ping your new blog post?

It’s recommended to ping your new blog posts whenever you publish fresh content to ensure search engines are promptly notified about updates.

Is ping submission still working?

Yes, ping submission can still be effective in SEO strategies, but it’s essential to use reputable ping services and focus on creating high-quality content.

What is ping backlinks?

Ping backlinks are notifications sent to search engines when a website receives a backlink from another site. It helps search engines discover new links to your site.

Can you ping a link?

Yes, you can ping a link using various online ping submission tools to notify search engines and directories about the link’s existence or any updates to it.

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