Search engine submission generates tons of traffic on the www (World Wide Web). Google is the most used search engine, but many other search engines are appropriate for URL submission. I recommend submitting your site’s top search engine to get higher traffic. Here you find the best free Search engine submission sites list to submit your website.

Many Bloggers use search engine submission sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to receive traffic. The advantage is that it can improve the visibility of your website on the internet. The search engine has crawlers that crawl to know what your website and content are about to provide online visibility of web pages.

I will share the most popular free search engine submission site list with you in this article. With search engine submission, your SEO can go a long way and generate substantial organic traffic.

What is the Search Engine?

A search engine is software designed for users to help find the information they are looking for online using key phrases or keywords. Search engines can provide quicker results even with millions of websites online by scanning the internet continuously & indexing all pages users find.

What are search engine submissions in SEO?

Search engine submission involves adding the URL of the website or pages. It is the most effective off-page SEO technique that submits site URLs to multiple search engines. The method can create high-quality dofollow backlinks, enhancing ranking on the internet.

What are the Benefits of Seach Engine Submission Sites

When you URL submission on search engine submission sites, you get a lot of advantages. You will get benefits. I’ve shared some.

Higher traffic: High PR search engine sites have millions of users that can help generate impressive traffic for your site when used correctly.

Dofollow high-quality backlinks: URL submission sites can build valuable, relevant dofollow backlinks to your blog and website. These quality backlinks serve as votes that rank your website higher in SERPs. The more URL submissions to different search engines, the more backlinks you gain.

Higher traffic: High PR search engine sites have millions of users that can help generate impressive traffic for your site when used properly.

More exposure: Search engine sites also give your business more exposure in SERPs and generate leads.

Get more conversions: When the audience knows your services, products, and brand, they will approach what you offer them. It helps to increase your sales and overall business income. You should submit your site URL to all listed sites to get the benefits.

Business awareness: Free URL search engine submission sites will spread your business awareness and brand visibility online. People will know about your services and products when the site is shown online.

Free Advertising: It helps to advertise your products and services for free, which adds an advantage for your business.

How do you submit your site to the search engine in a few clicks?

To successfully register on the free search engine submission sites, you should take care the following steps:

  • First: Choose sites from free search engine submission sites
  • Second: Most of the search engine submission sites require your email address. It would be best if you had an official email ID to submit your website URL
  • Third: Copy and paste your home page URL (mind it, you can submit only the home page link)
  • Fourth: Clear the captcha and submit your home page URL.

Top 10 Search Engine Submission Sites List in the World

A search engine is a software program that collects and provides that information when needed. Search engines run through a script and navigate the net world. It can be compared with a spider that spreads its web worldwide to gather information. When you search for information, it finds the information you need by selecting from the billions of web pages it stores.

Here are the top 10 Search Engine Submission Sites List to submit your URL.

  1. Google

Google is the best search engine in the world. It is the world’s most popular search engine and is one of Google’s 18 free services. According to a recent report, over 75 percent of the search engine market has been occupied by Google. The tech giant always tries to improve the search engine algorithm to deliver the highest results and provide a better user experience.

  1. Bing

It is a search engine developed by Microsoft. Bing is also the default search engine for Microsoft web browsers. This search engine provides maps and other services, including image, web, and video searches from various Microsoft services. It provides instant answers on sports, finance, math, flight tracking, and more. This search engine also provides a lot of local information, including business listings, current traffic information, restaurant reviews, etc.

  1. Yahoo

It is the third most popular search engine in the United States. Yahoo has a market share of 5 percent, according to a recent report by “Netmarketshare.” Yahoo Search offers a search interface in about 38 international markets and languages. Yahoo is still popular among free email providers. It provides results for image, video, local, shopping, audio, directory, news, and more searches.

  1. Baidu

Chinese web search engine was founded on January 1, 2000. It is one of the most used search engines in China. This search engine provides search results for websites, audio files, images, etc. It should be noted that the Chinese do not use any search engine other than their search engine.


This search engine was previously known as “Ask Jeeves.” Its search results are provided based on answering the web format. It was established in 1995. Here, you can find answers to your questions, and it integrates a large amount of archive information to answer your questions. If this search engine does not have the answer to the query, it takes help from third-party search engines.

  1. AOL

It is one of the top search engines in the world. Its market rate is 0.05 percent. Verizon Communications bought AOL for $4.4 billion. It was launched in 1983 as Control Video Corporation. AOL is a global media company based in NY. The company also provides ad services such as AOL Ads and AOL Platform.

  1. Excite

Most people don’t know about a search engine called “Excite.” Excite is an online service portal. It provides Internet services such as email, search engines, news, instant messaging, and weather updates. It was launched in 1995.

  1. DuckDuckGo

It is a popular search engine known for protecting users’ privacy. DuckDuckGo provides a simple and clean user interface. They do not collect or share your personal information. If you are conscious about your privacy, you can try DuckDuckGo. This search engine does not contain any ads during the search. DuckDuckGo search engine was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. Its revenue comes from the Yahoo-Bing alliance search network and affiliates.

  1. WolframAlpha

It is a computational search engine that does not return documents or web pages as search results. But its results are based on facts and data. It is also called a Computational Knowledge Engine. It was launched in 2009 based on Math. The search engine is written in the 15 million lines “Wolfram Language.” To answer factual questions, it uses “simulated data” externally. It can answer a variety of questions. It includes mathematics, date and time, people and history, chemistry, music, education, weather, and other important subjects.

  1. Yandex

It is the most used search engine in Russia. It is a Russian internet company. It was launched in 1997. It also served as an excellent search engine in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey. This search engine offers Yandex Maps, Yandex Music, Online Translator, Yandex Money, and many other services. You can search videos and images in this search engine. The company provides free email service.

List of Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites List [Updated]

We are sharing the list of the most popular free search engine submission sites you can submit to your website.

1 100 100
2 93 75
3 93 67
4 93 73
5 60 55
6 58 62
7 56 58
8 55 60
9 50 64
10 50 59
11 50 58
12 49 56
13 47 66
14 47 51
15 47 50
16 45 58
17 42 57
18 44 56
19 41 63
20 41 56
21 38 63
22 38 63
23 36 54
24 36 53
25 35 55
26 34 51
27 32 45
28 31 53
29 30 58
30 30 53
31 30 53
32 30 50
33 30 50
34 30 49
35 30 48
36 30 48
37 30 47
38 29 51
39 29 50
40 29 33
41 28 47
42 27 63
43 27 53
44 27 47
45 26 53
46 26 49
47 25 41
48 24 35
49 24 28
50 23 48
51 23 47
52 23 44
53 23 39
54 22 48
55 22 47
56 22 46
57 21 46
58 21 45
59 https://articles.h1ad.com21 21 44
60 20 47
61 20 45
62 19 47
63 18 50
64 16 40
65 15 63
66 14 41
67 14 37
68 14 32
69 14 31
70 11 57
71 11 29
72 9 31
73 7 43
74 6 26
75 6 25

Final Verdict

We hope this search engine submission sites list is useful for your website.

The above-mentioned Search engine submission sites include high DA and PA, which help you to create high-quality backlinks for rankings on SERPs.

Using a manual approach for link building for your site is always recommended. It is important to research several websites before choosing a free search engine submission.

Do you have other free search engine submission sites that we still need to add to this list? You can use the comment section to let us know and suggest anything related to search engine submission.

Frequently People Asked the Questions (FAQs)

What is search engine submission in off-page SEO?

It is an Off-Page optimization strategy in which a site is directly submitted to a search engine for indexing and gets listed in the search engine listing. Search engine submission is considered an initial step for a site promotion to get traffic.

What is manual search engine submission?

Going to “add URL” pages and filling out the form fields. Auto submission involves filling the information in with the necessary information a software program uses to submit to many search engine sites.

How do I submit a website URL to the search engine?

It is easy, too. In the search console, go to your inspection and paste your page URL to index. If you have fresh and updated content and want Google to recrawl the page, click on request indexing to index those page changes.

How do I submit my site to the Google search engine?

Open the Google search console and click Start Now. Thus, under domain, enter your site URL. Google will give you a list of options to verify your website. Using Google Analytics, you can easily verify your website using the Google Analytics tracking code.

Is search engine site submission necessary?

No, it is not necessary. Every search engine, whether Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or other search engines, can crawl and index pages by following links.

What are the four types of search engines?

There are seven types of search engines in the Internet world, which are

  • General
  • Vertical
  • Hybrid
  • Metasearch
  • Web search
  • Image search
  • Video search

In general, a search engine is a search engine that indexes and ranks website pages based on content for a wide range of topics.