Why do you think online product review blogs are so important to improve your business? It has been noticed in a 2021 survey of Podium that almost 94% of consumers rely on online reviews before concluding the purchase.


Plus, ever since the emergence of COVID-19, our dependency on online review sites has been increasing significantly. To feed this demand, many product review blogs and websites were made to review your products and help reach the ideal customers.


In our article today, we will review the top 50 product review blogs where you can promote your products easily. These review blogs are essential to ensure the proper growth of your business.


Top 50 Product Review Blogs/ Website List: 


Many review blogs on the internet are interested in reviewing your product or service. Some of them can be free while some can press charges. These charges not only come in exchange for money only. Many enthusiastic writers are willing to do the job in exchange for backlinks or commission on the sale.


In our article today, we will present you with a list of the best 50 product review blogs. Review blogs are important in the competitive journey of establishing your brand. Here we go,


1. CNET: 




Location: USA

Created By: Halsey Minor, Shelby Bonnie

Founded On: March 5, 1994

Followers: 3.2M (Facebook)  1.7M (Twitter)  833.1K (Instagram)

Publishes: 30 Post/ Day


CNET is one of the largest American websites for publishing reviews, news, articles, blogs, and podcasts on technology. They hire potential writers regularly. However, if you are willing to get a review in CNET, you can do the job via email. Write directly to the editor with relevant information like technical data and a description of your product. Once they are done reviewing your product, they will get back to you.


You can find them here.


2. SlashGear


Location: Gilbert, Arizona, US

Created By: Ewdison Then

Founded On: 2005

Followers: 98.2K (Facebook) 45.5K (Twitter)

Publishes:  2 posts/day


SlashGear is also an American review website. They widely cover technology, cars, gaming, entertainment, and science. Any latest news regarding these topics will draw their attention. You can contact them via email and submit your review. They will review your submission and get back to you if they find your product reliable and sustaining.


Contact them here.


3. Amazon Reviews


Location: Seattle, Washington, US

Created By: Jeff Bezos

Founded On: July 5, 1994

Followers: 29M (Facebook) 4M (Twitter) 3.3M (Instagram)

Orders: 66K Orders/Hour


You can preview anything on Amazon. Amazon is a direct B2C (business to customer) network that previews your product to the consumers. There is also an option for honest customer reviews. And trust me people believe in these reviews due to the broadness of Amazon.

All you have to do is sign in as a seller and ask for feedback from your customers. Amazon takes a referral charge every time you have a sale through this platform. You can also look for different amazon product review blogs online. Amazon is such a big platform that other bloggers work on affiliate marketing with them to earn commission on each sale.


You can find them here.


4. The Verge – Reviews


Location: New York, US

Created By: Joshua Topolsky; Jim Bankoff; Marty Moe

Founded On: November 1, 2011

Followers: 3.5M (Facebook)  2.6M (Twitter)

Publishes: 13 Posts/ Month


The Verge is inspired to write about the differences and growth in technology. It is a technical review website. They constantly work on the updates and changes in Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Smart homes, Cameras, Cars, speakers, Apps, and any electrical devices.


You can advertise your products here by contacting them via email. Write your review and ask for their submission.


You can contact them here.


5. Manta 


Location: Columbus, Ohio, US

Created By: Jonathon Jones

Founded On: Jun 25, 1996

Followers: 44K (Facebook)  12.2K (Twitter)

Publishes: 4 Posts/ Week


Manta is a perfect place to promote any local business. The entire industry of e-commerce websites covers only 64% of all local businesses. The remaining 36% still don’t have any websites. Manta can be a sustainable solution for them promoting their product or service to local customers.


All you have to do is enlist your company on the official website of Manta. And it comes free of charge.

You can find them here.


6. Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World


Location: US

Created By: Brian Lam

Founded On: 2011

Followers: 126.6K (Facebook) 118.3K (Twitter)  20.4K (Instagram)

Publishes: 9 Posts/ Week


If you are looking for a website to review any home appliances, Wirecutter is the right one for you. It was created by Brian Lam, but now, it has been owned by The New York Times since 2016.


From the technical equipment of your home to any kitchen appliances, Wirecutter will review anything. If you own a shop for home appliances of any type, you can contact them via this page.


7. Allure | Beauty Tips, Trends & Product Reviews


Location: New York, US

Created By: Linda Wells

Founded On: 1991

Followers: 1.4M (Facebook)  563.6K (Twitter)  837.3K (Instagram)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Day


Allure is one of the most renowned and reliable beauty product review blogs for over 30 years. They provide beauty tips for ladies and promote different cosmetic and organic beauty products. It’s all about skincare and fashion.

You can email them directly for advertising your beauty and wellness products with them. Or you can also contact them via email for any query.


Find them here.


8.  Temptalia – Beauty Blog, Makeup Reviews, How to Makeup


Location: California, US

Created By: Christine Mielke

Founded On: October 2006

Followers: 200.9K (Facebook)  110.1K (Twitter)  212K (Instagram)

Publishes: 6 Posts/ Day


Temptalia is another beauty review blog. If you own a personal parlour or you are a self-made makeup artist, you can advertise your beauty tips or makeup tutorial here. They also promote any new launch from MAC, Urban Decay, Nude from any renowned makeup brand.


You can find them here.


9. The Beauty Lookbook


Location: Florida, US

Created By: Sabrina

Founded On: May 2009

Followers: 6.5K (Facebook)  7.2K (Twitter)  95.4K (Instagram)

Publishes: 2 Posts/ Day


Owned personally by an individual, The beauty lookbook is a beauty and lifestyle blog. They write blogs related to makeup, hair, and skincare, and tips to improve lifestyle. It is a very promising platform for new makeup artists.

You can email them here to directly work with them or promote any review article for your business.


10. The Luxury Travel Expert


Location: USA

Created By: Susie Marquis

Founded On: 2011

Followers: 39.2K (Facebook)  86.6K (Twitter) 57.6K (Instagram)

Publishes: 3 Posts/ Week


For any travel news, place, or tourist spot reviews, sharing tips on writing, you can rely on The Luxury Travel Expert. Susie Marquis, founder of the Luxury Travel Expert is originally a doctor. She runs this blog based on her interest to travel.

You can share the latest update on tourism or contest list in this blog. This may not be a regular product review blog. But you can get enough exposure for any travel or tourist agency you own.  Contact them here.


11. Homeplace


Location: India

Created By: Anuj

Founded On: 2021

Followers: 1.9K (Facebook)

Publishes: 2 Posts/ Week


Homeplace is one of the most reliable home, kitchen, garden, or outdoor product review blogs in India. They work in affiliate marketing with Amazon. Homeplace also provides review and buying guides for regular home appliances.

To review any of the home or outdoor accessories, you can contact them here.


12. Mrs O Around the World | a luxury travel blog by Ana Silva O’Reilly


Location: Thames Ditton, England, UK

Created By: Ana Silva O’Reilly

Founded On: 2011

Followers: 21.1K (Facebook)  28.2K (Twitter) 17.9K (Instagram)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Month

Mrs O Around the World is an award-winning luxury travel blog. The founder of this blog offers different commercial and marketing strategies for anyone interested to pay them the price.

You can contact them here to display your product/ sponsor or giveaways.




Location: Tokyo, Japan

Created By: Pierre Blake

Founded On: Nil

Followers: 6K (Facebook)  44.5K (Twitter)

Publishes: 4 Posts/ Month


Pierre Blake is an influencer of a lifestyle blog. He regularly travels and reviews promising hotels and tourist places. His website publishes blogs on food criticism as well.


If you want to work with food product review blogs or exotic tourist places, you can contact them here.




Location: Lucknow, India

Created By: Unknown

Founded On: 2019

Followers: 226 (Facebook)

Publishes: 3 Posts/ Month


BlogsMart is an Indian review blog site. They are a team of bloggers and affiliate marketers who write regularly. This review blog website covers electrical gadgets like trimmers, laptops, including home and kitchen appliances.


To review your product, you can find them here.


15. Craving Tech 


Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Created By: Michael Aulia

Founded On: September 2007

Followers: 7.2K (Facebook) 5.1K (Twitter)  156 (Instagram)

Publishes: 7 Posts/Week


Craving Tech is an up-to-date review website. They basically write on the latest news and anything that holds the trend.


You can review your movie suggestion and even promote any latest tech update. Find them here.

16. Modern Mama’s Messy Life


Location: Berwick, Louisiana, US

Created By: Jessica

Founded On: 2014

Followers: 20.2K (Facebook) 8.6K (Twitter) 11.8K (Instagram)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Quarter


MMML is a parenting review website. It is run by a single mother, Jessica. And she devoted her blog to the welfare of parenting tips.


You can promote your parenting related accessories here as guest posts or sponsors. Find them here.


17. Trusted Reviews 


Location: London, England, UK

Owned By: Incisive Media

Founded On: September 2003

Followers: 135K (Facebook)  29.7K (Twitter) 2.5K

Publishes: 2 Posts/ Day


Trusted Reviews is one of the reliable product review blogs. They review the latest gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and house appliances as well.


You can go in a partnership with them to promote your brand or advertise your product.


To know more about them, click here.


18.BoardingArea: Hotel reviews


Location: US

Created By: Randy Peterson

Founded On: 1997

Followers: 26.1K (Facebook)  46.3K(Twitter)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Day


BoardingArea is a popular website for reviewing residential hotels and their experience. They have been working for over 25 years.


You can promote your podcasts here or ask for a paid review for your hotel.


Contact them here.


19. Engadget


Location: US

Created By: Peter Rojas

Founded On: March 2004

Followers: 1.6M (Facebook) 2.4M (Twitter) 348.4K (Instagram)

Publishes: 9 Posts/ Day


Engadget is one of the largest product review sites on the latest technology. They offer in-depth reviews on cell phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and more.


To know how you can work with them or to review any hot trend product, podcast, or newsletter, contact them here.


20. Digital Trends | Technology News and Product Reviews 


Location: Portland, Oregon, US

Created By: Ian Bell, Dan Gaul

Founded On: June 2006

Followers: 1.8M (Facebook) 2M (Twitter)

Publishes: 12 Posts/ Day


Digital Trends is an award-winning review site. They act as an unbiased source of product reviews and trends on the latest technology.


You can advertise your tech products here or publish an honest review. To know more about them, click here.




Location: US

Owned By: IDG Communications, Inc

Founded On: April 2012

Followers: 54.4K (Facebook)  60.6K(Twitter)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Week


TechHives is a popular website for reviewing consumer technology. From home appliances to streaming hardware, they offer unbiased reviews for each product.


You can contact them here to review your products in their blog.


22. The Review Wire 


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Created By: Dena

Founded On: 2011

Followers: 18K (Facebook) 18.7K (Twitter)

Publishes: 3 Posts/ Week


The Review Wire is a lifestyle blog. They mainly highlight the decision-making process for females. You can also have amazing movie reviews here.


To sponsor your lifestyle product here or get your product reviewed, contact them here.


23. Miss Whoever You Are | Blog about Black Beauty


Location: New York City, New York, US

Created By: Eileen

Founded On: July 2007

Followers: 2.7K (Facebook)  9.1K (Twitter)  6.5K (Instagram)

Publishes: 4 Posts/ Month


Miss Whoever You Are is one of the most influential beauty and health product review blogs. You can ask for a review from them or advertise your products here.


24. Afrobella: Reviews


Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

Created By: Patrice Grell Yursik

Founded On: August 2006

Followers: 250.1K (Facebook)  92.4K (Twitter) 46.8K(Instagram)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Week.


Afrobella is an award-winning natural skincare product review blog. Their articles focus on beauty, skin and hair care products, and travel experiences also.


You can advertise your products on their website. To know how send them a message.


25. Katie’s Bliss: Reviews


Location: New York, US

Created By: Katie Manwaring

Founded On: 2011

Followers: 10.8K (Facebook)  4.4K (Twitter) 213.6K (Instagram)

Publishes: 2 Posts/ Week


Review your lifestyle and health care products in Katie’s Bliss. They write on budget-friendly gifts, beauty tips, travel experiences, and share inspirational advice.


You can contact them here.


26. Dermstore Blog


Location: California, US

Created By: Craig A. Kraffert

Founded On: 1999

Followers: 366.7K (Facebook) 50.3K (Twitter) 160.2K (Instagram)

Publishes: 30 Posts/ Year


Dermstore Blog is among one of the beauty and health product review blogs. They publish tips on health care, beauty secrets, and resources reviewed by professional dermatologists.


For any inquiry, you can contact them via any of the social media accounts. Click here to know more about them.




Location: US

Created By: David Bunnell

Founded On: August 2013

Followers: 1M (Facebook) 408.5K (Twitter)

Publishes: 30 Posts/ Year


PCWorld is a modern review website for the hardware and software of PC and its accessories.


You can see some amazing PC reviews here or you can ask for a review to promote your hardware shop. You can find them here.


28. Hot Gadgets Info


Location: Canada

Owned By: Hot Gadgets Info

Founded On: April 2020

Followers: 203 (Facebook)

Publishes: 3 Posts/ Month


Hot gadgets info is an online review blog for hot gadgets, car accessories, and electrical appliances. It is a blog driven by a passion for gadgets.


You can ask for a review of your latest electrical product and gadgets from their website. Contact them here.




Location: Kent, England, UK

Created By:

Founded On: January 2018

Followers: 181 (Facebook) 241 (Twitter)

Publishes: 6 Posts/ Month


TwenT3 is a developed lenticular printing service. They print and make any 3D lenticular cards, keyrings, phone covers, and others.


You can get the latest update on the lenticular business here. Also, you can have your products promoted here for similar business types.


Find them here.


30. The Glamorganic Goddess: Reviews


Location: New Jersey, US

Created By: Danielle Messina

Founded On: May 2010

Followers: 12K (Facebook) 4.5K (Twitter) 13.8K (Instagram)

Publishes: 2 Posts/ Month


The Glamorganic Goddess is one of the most inspiring lifestyle product review blogs with healthy tips for skin and diet. This website is inspired by cancer surviving journey of the founder, Danielle Messina.


You can know more about them here and get your lifestyle business products reviewed.


31.HighTechDad – Where technology and fatherhood collide


Location: San Francisco, California, US

Created By: Michael Sheehan

Founded On: November 2005

Followers: 1.4K (Facebook)  11.1K (Twitter) 602 (Instagram)

Publishes: 7 Posts/ Month


HighTechDad is an amazing website for reviewing technology, consumers’ end products, software, and different tips and tricks on Gadgets.


You can contact them here to promote your brand, agency, or any service.


32.TechRakyat | Product Reviews, Best Deals, Smart Tips


Location: Malaysia

Created By: Kai tan

Founded On: 2018

Followers: 956 (Facebook) 73 (Twitter)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Month


TechRakyat is not any regular product review blog. They write to ensure that your money is invested in the right place. They cover home appliances to any electronic gear.


To connect with them, click here.


33. I Wander


Location: Singapore

Created By: B

Active Since: 2012

Followers: 4.4K (Facebook) 24 (Twitter)  50.1K (Instagram)

Publishes: 5 Posts/ Month


For best hotel reviews, you can rely on the I Wander travel blog by B. It provides useful travel guides with resourceful hotel reviews.


To know more about them, click here.




Location: US

Created By: Saeed

Founded On: August 2020

Followers: 17 (Twitter)

Publishes: 1 Posts/ Week


DeltaHeatedVest is not very old in the world of blogging and reviews. In this short time of two years, they have ranked themselves as one of the honest product review blogs on a motorcycle and outdoor gear.


You can contact them here to get your products reviewed or have a spec for advertising.


35. Product Review Mom


Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US

Created By: Louida Martin

Founded On: 2012

Followers: 2K (Facebook) 4.4K (Twitter)  14K(Instagram)

Publishes: 1 Post/ Week


Product Review Mom is a review blog for recent products and brand promotion. Lou is also a traveler and loves to review hotels.


You can contact them here to promote and advertise your products related to makeup or lifestyle.


36. Makeup and Beauty Blog: Product Reviews  


Location: San Francisco, California, US

Created By: Karen

Founded On: 2007

Followers: 15K (Facebook)  29.8K (Twitter) 24.2K (Instagram)

Publishes:  5 Posts/ Quarter


Makeup and beauty blog is a beautiful lifestyle review blog. It is run by an individual and she loves to write about the latest makeup and beauty products.


You can also review your products of similar type. To know how, click here.


37. Gadget Gram


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Created By: David Novak

Founded On: September 2009

Followers: 52.9K (Facebook) 1K (Twitter)

Publishes: 20 Posts/ Week


Gadget Gram is one of the most active product review blogs for electrical gadgets, their features, and other specs.


To review or promote a similar business related to Gadget Gram, you can find them here.


38. Cafemom


Location: Newyork, US

Created By: Michael Sanchez, Andrew Shue

Founded On: December 2006

Followers: 397K (Facebook) 12.6K (Twitter) 2.9K (Instagram)

Publishes:  4 Posts/ Week


This website is based on mommy tips and how you can improve parenting. They publish regular blogs and tips covering lifestyle, entertainment, and news also.


You can contact them here to promote your products related to lifestyle or parenting.


39. Fat Guys at the Movies


Location: US

Created By: Kevin Carr

Founded On: 2002

Followers: 473 (Facebook) 2.3K (Twitter)

Publishes: 4 Posts/ Month


Fat Guys at The Movies is an exceptional movie review website. This website is run by a group of chefs who review foods from different movies or series.


It is very interesting and there is a lot to learn from them. You can know more about them here.


40. Did You Know Gaming


Location: US

Created By: Shane Gill

Founded On: May 2012

Followers: 2.34 Million (Youtube)

Publishes: 17 Posts/ Month


Did you know gaming is the work of a group of game lovers? It is a dedicated website to review games, gadgets, and gears related to gaming and so on.


They are mainly a youtube content creator and award winner of both golden and silver youtube awards.


You can find them here.


41. Cool Material


Location: New Jersey, US

Director: Jay Gentile

Founded On: 2009

Followers: 191K (Facebook) 2K (Instagram)

Publishes: 10 Posts/ Month


To review men’s wear and useful accessories, Cool Material is a reliable name. You can find anything here to impress a man.


You can also review or advertise your products on this website. Contact them here to know more.


42. Lifehacker


Location: US

Created By: Gina Trapani

Founded On: 31 January 2005

Followers: 2M ( Facebook) 3.9M (Twitters) 24.7K (Instagram)

Publishes: 5 Posts/ Day


Are you finding the best tech products of the day for yourselves? You can completely rely on Lifehacker. It is one of the rich tech product review blogs for all kinds of gadgets and gear.


To know more about them, click here.


43. PC Magazine


Location: New York, US

Published By: Ziff Davis

Founded On: January 2009

Followers: 879K (Facebook), 389.1K (Twitter) 452K (Instagram)

Publishes: 7 Posts/ Month


PC mag is one of the oldest magazine platforms for trending news. They review electronic products, computers, software, and other services.


You can find them here for any kind of query.


44. Into Mobile 


Location: California, US

Created By: Yoeau

Founded On: 2006

Followers: 31K (Facebook) 30.1K (Twitter)

Publishes: 4 Posts/ Month


You can promote your review with them in an interesting form of a story. Contact them here.

Into Mobile establishes a unique approach in the industry of product review blogs. They come up with the latest news regarding mobile phones and telecom services.


To know more about them and their work, click here.


45. Pocket-Lint


Location: Ascot, UK

Created By: Stuart Miles

Founded On: 2003

Followers: 31K (Facebook), 29.3K (Twitter), 2.4K (Instagram)

Publishes: 12 Posts/ Month


Pocket-Lint is another gadget review website. Their smart and reliable approach in reviewing products and offering how-to guides are proven useful for tech lovers all over the world.


You can check out their website to have smart tips on product reviews. They also offer advertising facilities for different brands.


46. PC World


Location: US

Created By: Bill Rigby

Founded On: August 2013

Followers: 1M (Facebook) 399.2K (Twitter)

Publishes: 5 Posts/ Day


PC World is one of the oldest platforms for reviewing tech and gears. They have also been an offline organization since 1983.


To have authentic news and the most updated news on PC and its accessories, find them there. They are also available for sponsored product reviews for different technical brands.




Location: Australia

Director: Paul Douglas

Founded On: 2013

Followers: 179.4K (Facebook) 79.6K (Twitter)

Publishes: 8 Posts/ Week


T3 is a gadget review website. They are quite entertaining in their style of writing. Having products of similar type, you can learn a lot from them.



48. Tom’s Guide


Location: New York, US

Created By: Thomas Pabst

Founded On: 2007

Followers: 31K (Facebook) 36K (Twitter) 13.5K (Follower)

Publishes: 3 Posts/ Day


For detailed reviews on the product, price comparison, features, and significance, you can follow Tom’s guide.


They have established an amazing blog series on the how-to guide. The traffic on this website is large in a single month.


You can contact them personally to advertise your products. Find them here.


49. Gear Patrol 


Location: California, US

Created By: Eric Yang

Founded On: 2007

Followers: 133K (Facebook) 48.6K (Twitter) 142K (Instagram)

Publishes: 8 Posts/ Month


Gear Patrol is another website for the latest news and guides on lifestyle and gear. When it comes to being a professional review platform, Gear Patrol has nailed it to a lot of extents.


You can follow them here to know more about them or advertise similar products on their website.


50. Laptop Mag 


Location: UK

Online Directo: Avram Piltch

Founded On: April 2013

Followers: 161K (Facebook) 33K (Twitter)

Publishes: 2 Posts/ Week


To review any recent laptops or GPU and anything related to laptop essentials, Laptop Mag is a reliable name.


You can find their style of writing very interactive and engaging. To improve your product reviews, you can follow their style or contact them personally for a paid review.


51. Top Ten Reviews


Location: Ogden, Utah, US

Owned By: Purch Group

Founded On: 2003

Followers: 104K (Facebook) 11.2K (Twitter) 2.5K (Instagram)

Publishes: 3 Posts/ Month


Top ten reviews is a product review website. They have been writing in the market for 16 years now. Their major sectors of articles cover consumer products and other services.


You can have your products advertised on their website or you can ask for a paid review. Find them here.


How to Write Powerful Product Review Blogs with Example

There are many online review platforms where you can review your business products. However, if you are planning to start your product review blogs, follow these simple 5 steps to have some powerful product reviews for your business.


  • Consider Yourself A Customer: Every customer has a buying habit. Before you deliver a sales speech or review articles for your product, try to learn about these habits. There is nothing more beneficial than to consider yourself as a customer in this case.


Try to think of why you would buy this review, is there anything special in it? What are the words that will convince them to buy your product? And finally, how can your product benefit others? These are the pre-stage questions you need to ask yourself is in the shoes of a customer.


  • Keep it Simple: Consumers from different parts of the world read about your product to find out what’s best for them. If you don’t keep it simple or add inconvenient points to your review, they will lose interest to read.


You need to always keep in mind that your review has to be simple, not too large, interesting, and engaging in the first place.


  • Be Honest: They know when you are selling lies. There is no credit in faking and writing biased reviews about your product. Consumers are smart. They can figure out when you are lying about your product.


It is very normal for any product to have some flaws. Be honest instead and write unbiased opinions about your product. Let them choose and figure out the best for them.


  • Comparison: Your possible customers know there are many other options available also. Focusing only on your product and claiming every time that your product is the best of all will bring you no good. Instead, you can talk about other alternatives also and give your audience a platform of comparison.

They will find your product review blogs more trustworthy and consider it as a reliable platform to talk about other alternatives as well.


  • Allow Others to Participate In The Ongoing Discussion: Allow readers or customers to comment on your review below. When too many people participate in an ongoing discussion, it will help to create a community. They will talk about your product and promote the review on other platforms as well. It will help you to accumulate more social proof for your product. And the more social proof you have, the more reliable and trustworthy your product will become.




We know how important it is to have a reliable platform to review your products. Product review blogs are an ideal opportunity to promote the potential and usability of your brand products. Many customers may not even find any regular products interesting in the first place. But an honest product review can change their mind in an instance.


This is why we have prepared a list of the best 50 product review blogs where you can promote your products or ask for a paid review. Even if some of them may not allow direct reviewing of products. But surely, you can learn a lot from their style of marketing and delivering a sales speech.

If you like our article, please share it with others and leave a comment below to suggest any changes you like.