In recent years, selling and shopping online has become more popular worldwide. It has encouraged social networks and a greater focus on e-commerce to add various online shopping features to their platforms, like Facebook marketplace local only.

This famous social media allows users to shop on their social media app without leaving it. Through e-commerce platforms, the marketplace enables you to sell and purchase goods and learn about new things. Using an active Facebook account to buy and sell your product and services is free of additional cost.

Any Facebook users worldwide can be found & purchased from, or you can list and sell products to them. You can easily communicate with people via Messenger, whether selling or buying. Facebook marketplace is excellent for locally selling and buying your items.

Businesses around the world make heavy use of top social media platforms such as Facebook marketplace. Few people are well familiar with Facebook marketplace local only service.

If you want to sell and buy products in your local area through Facebook, you can change the setting to Facebook marketplace local only. However, if you are a user, feel free because this article only contains the information you need to change the Facebook marketplace locally. So, keep reading to learn how to change the Facebook marketplace setting. Let’s start.

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What is Facebook Marketplace and How Does it Work?

What is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is a feature introduced and engages different businesses by Facebook. This online marketplace lets people sell and buy products with other neighborhood users. Individuals and Companies can buy and sell their products on this platform. It looks like a digital mall for sellers to reach more people and connect with them more easily. Facebook offers you different advertisement options in which you can promote your products. 

To view the new Facebook marketplace features, click the shop button at the bottom of the Facebook app. But bear in mind that FB is not liable for any agreements and transactions made outside the site. Facebook marketplace is free, and it does not charge any fees. Facebook users or customers can benefit from several features the offers. You have created a Facebook profile to use the platform. Otherwise, you would need help to buy and sell something. 

The Facebook marketplace is the best place for buyers to find the products they are looking for quickly. Buyers can look for new and used products and use filters to find local sellers. First, you need to access the Facebook Marketplace by visiting the page on Facebook (Shop) from your mobile or desktop device.

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Why Should Change the Location of Your Facebook Marketplace?

You can purchase anything locally, which is simpler than obtaining it internationally. User is switching to Facebook Marketplace local only because they want to know the products is accessible near them so that they can purchase them quickly and affordably. 

Facebook users frequently change their marketplace locations to search for a specific product they wish to buy. Some products you deliberately seek out but are unavailable in the UK or Canada can be found in the USA. All products are unavailable everywhere, so you must modify your location to buy from individuals in your country, city, or state and pay in your currency.

What Can You Do on Facebook Marketplace

You can sell and buy practically anything on Facebook marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay. Users know FB as a place to catch up with family and friends, share photos, and join groups. But do you know that platform you can also buy and sell products and build an e-commerce business? All you need is an active Facebook account first. 

The Facebook marketplace can be found on both the mobile app and desktop. The main function of Facebook is to carry out buy and sell transactions of various new or used products. The main role is to sell and buy products and services, so you can send messages and pay through Messenger without any sensitive information to third parties. Facebook marketplace offers users the possibility of joining buy and sell groups to share products on sale with other users in your geographical area. 

Facebook Marketplace for Business

While companies or individuals can list their products items for sale, businesses can use the Facebook marketplace to:

  • You can display your inventory of retail items, home rentals, vehicles, tickets, and many more.
  • Promote your store or product items to reach more people even if they do not publish content directly to the Facebook Marketplace. 
  • You can display brand-new or refurbished items from the Facebook page shop for free and allow customers to purchase without leaving Facebook Marketplace. 

Another option is to set up a Facebook store with a business page and sell as a business on Marketplace. FB describes this section as a service so users can publish inventory for free. This 2nd category is most used by users who want to earn income with products that no longer seem helpful, but that can be used by someone else.

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Who should sell on Facebook Marketplace? 

Anyone can sell their products on Facebook Marketplace. It is for more than just those with extra stuff to get rid of. Facebook marketplace is also for e-commerce businesses, entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, handmade artists, motor stores, and many more. Selling strategies do not differ between Facebook and other platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Facebook Marketplace Fees

Unlike other reselling marketplaces, Facebook charges zero fees to list your products if you sell them locally. If any client orders shipping, the seller charges 5% of the selling price or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8 or less. The low overhead makes listing products and services on the Facebook marketplace a no-brainer for new and experienced e-commerce sellers. About the fees section, Facebook declared they will waive their standard selling fee for all orders marketed and shipped through 11:59 PM Pacific time on June 30, 2023.

How to Sell on the Facebook Marketplace?

Selling and buying products on the Facebook marketplace is a very simple task. You upload your products, add features and additional information, set the price, and publish it. Of course, this is a very general way. We explain below the data to follow to make efficient use of this Facebook marketplace of the most used social network in the world. 

Step 01: Open Facebook URL ( on your mobile or computer

Step 02: You must access the news section and the marketplace by clicking on the title shop icon. In the web version, you will find the menu on the left side and the mobile app by clicking the icon with three horizontal stripes in the lower right margin. 

Step 03: Click (+) to create a new listing or sell an items

Step 04: Choose the types of publication you want to make and the product category you want to put up for sale. The available categories are “Item for sale,” like “property for sale,” Vehicle for sale,” “job offer,” and many more. 

Step 05: Fill in the ads with their different sections and add photos of the products in the “add photos” section. When you click on this option, your file explorer window will open for you to select the photos from your mobile or computer. 

Step 06: Describe the items by giving the ad a title, applying the price, and selecting the category to which it belongs. You have to choose what state it is in and a description of it.

Step 07: Optionally add details about your approximate location, and you can also hide the ad from your Facebook friends.

What Does Mean by Facebook Marketplace Local Only? 

It is a great idea to develop Facebook Marketplace local only. Before the marketplace was created, users often bought and sold products and services through Facebook groups. Trading using Facebook groups frequently caused problems. As a result, FB Marketplace provides a customized local listing on this platform to enable fair trading services. 

It is much easier for sellers to list items and let customers discover them. In favor of buyers, it is very easy to find the products and services they seek—the Facebook Marketplace local only feature one of the most impressive aspects for both seller and buyer. When users buy products through FB groups, sorting and filtering listings makes it harder to find the right offer.

What are the Key Advantages of using Facebook Marketplace Local Only?

There is plenty of benefit for the Facebook marketplace local only from the Facebook selling page.

One of the key benefits of using Facebook Marketplace for local transactions is that it is a convenient and efficient way to buy and sell items within your community. 

You can easily browse listings from other users in your area and connect with them to arrange a transaction. Additionally, Facebook Marketplace is a safe and secure platform that allows you to review the other party’s profile before engaging in a transaction. 

Knowing that you are dealing with a legitimate person and not a scammer gives you peace of mind. 

Facebook marketplace is part of virtually sell part of the modern age classifieds section. Using location, Facebook generates a list of items available for sale near you. You can list products to sell to your neighbors, too. 

You can list and sell your product items without hassle through Facebook Marketplace. However, the Facebook marketplace shows you listings from different places and cities, making it difficult to see nearby listings. Facebook marketplace local only allows you to switch to the local listing you will listings only near you. 

Users can broaden their geographical search marketplace by automatically displaying listings within the local vicinity, making it easy for sellers to reach buyers nearby. 

Any Marketplace based on trust between sellers and buyers. Therefore, local only has an opportunity to trust and have a positive relationship with their customers.

Overall, FB Marketplace is an excellent resource for buying and selling items locally, and it’s worth checking out if you need some new goods or want to declutter your home.

Why Should You Use Facebook Marketplace Local Only? 

FB Marketplace locally enables you to quickly obtain purchases in your area rather than from a faraway country. Moreover, users of Facebook are shifting due to their desire for any product to be accessible near them so it is easy to obtain instantly without any shipping expenses. Further, users may change the marketplace if they search for a certain item. Some items you seek in the USA market are not offered in the UK or Canada.

For the above reasons, you can change the location to buy your desired products from your state, nation, or city and pay in your home.

How to Change Setting to Facebook Marketplace Local Only?

There are several options to change the Facebook Marketplace setting to local only.

Hiding the “ships” to “you” option can help you find the products you want when making a local purchase. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely deceive the ships to “you” listing on Facebook.

You may use the methods to remove them from search results and only display local listings. Let us discuss how to change the setting on Facebook Marketplace locally only.

The first step in finding a local listing is to narrow your search. Let’s look at how to set up a local listing first:

1. Make local listing available on Facebook Marketplace 

Local listing supports both mobile apps and desktops. You can use this tool to view the local listings in your country that your neighbors have made. To enable it to the procedures.

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile or tablet.
  • Select “Marketplace” from the menu at the top of the FB News Feed for Android users and at the bottom for iOS.
  • The category located in the top right corner
  • Opt for local listing. It’s the first item listed under the search bar.
  • The map icon helps focus your searches. If the suggested Radius doesn’t meet your needs, you can change your own or utilize the location & search radius within 0.6 miles or 965.6 meters.
  • After adding the location, apply it at the bottom of the screen whether you choose the suggested or customized Radius.

2. Step to view Facebook Marketplace Local Only

Once you understand how to create a Facebook Marketplace local listing. FB Marketplace allows you to explore various things based on your location. Currently, there is a new function added to local listen. Ensure you check out these steps after completing the steps above:

  • Browse categories in the Facebook Marketplace app
  • Next, you have to hit the map icon after clicking on the local listing
  • Select the region and click “apply.”
  • If you wish, you can use a name of search to find something
  • Click filters beneath the search field
  • Press sort by
  • Choose the nearest distance first
  • On a smartphone, press see items; on an iPhone, tap see listings

3. Change through setting

You can change Facebook Marketplace listings locally through the setting, so follow the steps:

  • Open Facebook Marketplace on the Facebook app
  • Tap the setting icons at the top right corner.
  • Tap on the market location option.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to add the location.
  • You can search the location and then move around the pointer to select a place to show the listing.
  • You also have to select the suggested Radius; if you want to increase or decrease the Radius, then select the customs radius and increase or decrease slider.
  • Once the changes are made, tap on apply, and the changes will be saved.

4. Navigation through the categories section

The most common way to change location is through the categories section by the following steps.”

  • Log in to Facebook and choose marketplace from your homepage
  • Choose “categories” from the marketplace bar
  • Please choose the location icon and change it from local listings

There are three options to change the location.

  • First, you can do it manually by entering where you want in the search bar (zoom in or out and change the size of the Radius or blue circle)
  • Second: Finally, use the slider to set the area where you wish to go to your local listings.
  • Three: Tap on apply and save the changes.

How to Switch Facebook Marketplace Local Only from Desktop?

If you want to learn more about the Facebook marketplace locally option, you can configure it on your computer. The process is the same despite minor menu modifications. So, keep reading if you want to learn how to accomplish it.

Find details below here:

  • Select Facebook Marketplace by clicking three horizontals in the top left corner of the FB URL.
  • Tap the change location link to change the location below today’s picks option.
  • Pick a spot and circle of influence
  • Choose a preferred location and click Apply to finish

How to Switch Facebook Marketplace Local Only from Mobile App?

Do you prefer to use local only on mobile devices through the Facebook app or Lite? If so, this platform provides the chance to switch from the Facebook marketplace locally only for mobile users.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Choose Facebook news feed> then marketplace> then Categories>then local listings> Map, and
  • Finally, choose your preferred location and apply to finish.

How do you Shop on Facebook Marketplace Local Only?

I hope you understand setting up the Facebook marketplace with local-only features. It is time to discuss using and buying your desired products from this shop. Here are given two valid ways:

1. Use Facebook Marketplace filters.

You can buy your needed products from the Facebook local marketplace by filtering through the following steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and visit the marketplace page
  • Find the category section
  • You can change and edit categories through filtering as you wish
  • Then, do the purchasing process as given guidelines by on-site

Important note: It’s also possible to search for a term and purchase the needed products.

2. Shop by category

You can buy products from the Facebook marketplace locally to use categories by following the steps:

  • Open the Facebook app & sign in to your account
  • Open the Marketplace page
  • Choose the category and select the products you need
  • Follow the order instructions and buy what you need

Facebook Marketplace Local Only No Shipping

This question is posted by almost all Facebook users who are busy. Customers can buy products from the Facebook marketplace through various regional collaborations and deliver them to their homes. In this case, Facebook Marketplace Local Only has no shipping for customers who have made orders from beyond their zone.

You can spend less money and time on Facebook marketplace purchases by selecting local delivery. Local delivery offices typically provide secure, helpful, and courteous service. It stops strangers from knocking on your door if you do not require an address. Local delivery service has the additional drawback of only being available for mid and small-sized products.

Bottom Line

The above steps will help you change the location of the Facebook marketplace setting locally. If you want only local listings to appear on the Facebook marketplace feed, then you can set the location manually and set the location only. If you are new in the Facebook marketplace and need to learn the process of changing the marketplace to local, you can follow the above steps. The whole procedure of changing your setting to Facebook Marketplace Local only has been listed in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get Facebook Marketplace only to show local listings?

To ensure that only local listings are displayed on your Facebook Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook Marketplace on your device. 
  2. Click the “Filters” button at the top of the screen. 
  3. Scroll to the “Location” section and select “Local.” 
  4. You can refine your search by selecting specific cities or regions. 

By following these simple steps, you can guarantee that you will only see listings in your immediate area. Happy shopping!

Can you sell just locally on Facebook Marketplace?

  1. Open Facebook Marketplace on your device. 
  2. Click the “Sell” button at the top of the screen. 
  3. Enter the details of your item, including a title, description, price, and photos. 
  4. Scroll to the “Location” section and select “Local.” 
  5. You can refine your audience by selecting specific cities or regions. 

These simple steps guarantee that your listings are only visible to those in your immediate area. Happy selling!

How do I use Facebook Marketplace locally?

To use Facebook Marketplace locally, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Open Facebook Marketplace on your device. 
  2. Click the “Filters” button at the top of the screen. 
  3. Scroll to the “Location” section and select “Local.” 
  4. You can refine your search by selecting specific cities or regions. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to view only the listings that are located in your immediate area. It will make it easier to find items close to you for sale. Enjoy shopping on Facebook Marketplace!