Digital marketing is getting tougher every single day. The increasing competition in digital marketing left the digital marketer with the problem of ranking their websites with proper SEO. And proper SEO requires some premium SEO tools. For ranking a website, any digital marketer requires some premium SEO tools, which are quite expensive for any single user. And to solve this overprice issue, a marketer can use Flikover to get his required tools at a reasonable price. But what is Flikover, and how does it work? Let’s find it out.


What is flikover?

Flikover is a premium SEO tools account provided at a very low rate, and using Flikover; you get all the premium SEO tools.

Flikover is a website that allows buying premium SEO tools collectively with other users. Premium SEO tools are expensive, and buying multiple tools can be very expensive for a single user. But Flikover gathers multiple users and helps them buy premium SEO tools sharing a fraction amount of the total cost. And those users share the account of each premium SEO tool and collectively pay for the account.

Suppose you want to buy a Semrush and Keyword finder Premium account. The combined cost is 478 USD, but you can only afford 25 USD. In that case, you can go to Flikover and meet with others who also want to buy premium accounts of both Semrush and Keyword finder. And if there are other 19 people like you, then you can collectively pay the total cost of 478 USD, and each one of you shares around 5% or 23.9 USD each and use the premium account in a group.


Is flikover safe?

The answer is yes, Flikover is safe. But there are some conditions applicable to this, such as if you share your account details with any third-party users, then your account must get disabled, and you may not use it anymore. The account is safe as long as you go with their conditions and safety guides.

Flikover tools list

Flikover provides many Premium SEO tools along with premium entertainment tools. Followings are some of the most popular tools that anyone in a digital market would like to buy for group SEO. Flikover offers you all the premium SEO tools combined for only 16 dollars a month. Paying this amount will allow you a one-month subscription to all premium SEO tools.


Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool suite that helps to get online visibility and rank websites and also helps to discover marketing insights for better SEO performance. SEM rush helps to make a digital marketing strategy. Semrush has collected over 800 million keywords, and this huge amount of keywords can help you do keyword research, domain analysis, and competitor analysis. The actual price of the premium Semrush account is 100 USD, which Flikover offers for only 8 USD.



This tool is very familiar to people who are usually web bloggers and uses premium SEO tools. This tool helps to know many things like how the partner website makes backlinks, keywords you have worked on, and how difficult that keyword is. Ahref helps to build links, helps in keyword research, makes competitor analysis, and also helps to rank tracing and site audits. This tool costs around 400 USD, but with Flikover, you can get it for only 10 USD.

KW Finder

Keyword finder is a world-famous premium tool helps get insights about any keyword and helps to know which keyword is the most searched in your search topic. You can get a keyword finder for 70 USD outside Flikover, but Flikover offers it for only 7 USD.


Majestic is a good SEO software tool specializing in analyzing links. It is similar to Semrush and Ahref, but the major difference is that Majestic works only with backlinks. You can get a Majestic premium account for 149 USD, but if you use Flikover, you can get it for 7 USD.


Blogging without premium grammar and sentence beatification tools can be difficult for bloggers. Every blogger must have premium tools such as Grammarly. Grammarly allows making your sentences sound reader-friendly and effectively removes errors and grammatical mistakes; besides, Grammarly offers you a plagiarism check. You can get this 30 USD premium tool for 1.4 USD

Word AI

Word AI helps to generate articles wising artificial intelligence. It gives ten times any content output using paraphrasing. Word AI uses your text to understand the concept and automatically rewrites the article, maintaining its readability. Word AI requires around 50 USD for a premium subscription, but you can get it for 6 USD using Flikover.

Keyword tool

The keyword tool is a premium keyword finder for ranking your work in the search engine. It works just like a Keyword finder, but there is the slightest difference between the Keyword finder and the Keyword tool. And that is, if you are working outside of the Google search engine, then the Keyword tool will perform much better than any other keyword research and analytic tool. Flikover offers you Keyword Tool for only around 4 USD, while its premium subscription is 88 USD.


Spyfu reveals the search marketing secrets and formulas of the most successful competitors. It searches for domains and sees every location where they have shown up on search engines. It provides keywords that websites purchase from Google ads. You can subscribe to Spyfu for 33 USD a month, but with Flikover, the cost is 2 USD a month.


Woorank is a digital marketing and SEO audit premium tool. It can be used to instantly generate audits for the technical and off and on-page SEO of your site. A premium Woorank account will cost you around 133.25 USD a month. But if you use Flikover, you can get it for a fraction of its existing monthly subscription.


Moz is an SEO reporter who helps monitor and analyze the organic search performance of any website and the SEO health of the website over a portion of time. It works as an SEO suite that includes the following tasks.

  • Keyword search
  • Link Building
  • Site audits
  • Page optimization
  • Rank tracking

Moz’s premium subscription fee is 599 USD per month, which you can get at a cheap rate on Flikover.

Flikover extension

Flikover’s website has a plugin file that works as an extension to the website browsers. If you want to add flikover to your Google Chrome web browser or any other web browser, download the flikover extension from their official website and install it in the file extension of your website.

Is flikover legit or a scam site

Yes, flikover is a legit website and not a scam. It is safe to use flikover, and if you have any issue with their service, you will also get a refund for the issue. But for that, abide by their rules and guidelines. If their service does not work for three days, you will get your money back. That shows that Flikover is not a scam. However, some websites on the internet use a similar name to flikover and rob people. For example, Flikover, tech,, etc. To purchase something from the original website, recheck the website. The original website is

Advantages and disadvantages of flikover

There are many advantages of using Flikover, and there are disadvantages too. Now, first, let’s see the advantages of using Flikover.


Instant Access:

After payment, you will instantly see your dashboard, which is not the case for many other similar websites.

Top SEO tools collection:

Flikover offers 25+ SEO tools to its subscribers that they also update regularly.

No log out issue:

There is also no log out of the issue. Every tool work just fine, and you don’t have to log in every single time, wasting your work hours.

All tools in one place:

All premium SEO tools are organized in one place. After you open the dashboard, you will find all the tools you require in one place. Flikover uses its system that effectively reduces the time of starting.

24 hours support:

Flikover has a support team that is active 24/7, and they can respond to any of your issues immediately.


Controls internet activities:

They control your internet acts so that you cannot share your login information with others.

Cookies Problem:

You may face interruption and struggle to access many tools such as Semrush and Ahref because ISP may block the cookies of the tools.

Tools usage limitation: 

You may face day limitations while creating any content template. This may happen if lots of users access the same tool at a time and do the same thing.

Project adding problem:

You cannot add projects to tools like Ahref and Semrush as these are shared tools with many other users.


Flikover has many positive reviews from its user’s experience. In most cases, these are positive reviews, but if the review is negative, this is because of the disadvantages of sharing tools with many other users.


What is SEO group buy?

SEO group buys works as an intermediary between people who want to purchase premium tools and the premium tools companies. As an intermediary, SEO groups buy people to collectively purchase one account of every premium tool and use that account altogether. That effectively lowers the cost of purchase.

Does flikover offer share or dedicated accounts?

Flikover offers shared accounts of premium SEO tools by offering group buys to its users.


Is the tool supported in all operating systems?

Yes, the tools support all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.


Can other users see my campaign data?

SEO group buys service will let other users see your campaign data, but some tools like Ahref with a private session can help restrict access to your campaign, and only you can see your data and information.

Can anyone share login information with others?

No, the policy of group buy does not allow sharing your login information with others. If any users share the login information, then it’s a loss for the group to buy the business. That is why in cases like sharing login information with other group buy such as Flikover may disable the account. Besides, they continuously monitor if anyone is sharing the login information with others or not.

Can I get a refund if the tools do not work?

If you meet the conditions of a refund, then you can get a refund. For example, if someone purchases premium tools using flikover and the tools do not work for three consecutive days, he can get a refund from the company. But to get the refund, it has to be a genuine reason for maintaining the refund policy of the group buy company.


SEO tools are the fundamental requirement for better SEO performance and ranking websites, but the price of SEO tools is not reasonable for everyone. But with Flikover, anyone can get all those premium tools at a super affordable price.