Do you are searching for an answer to the question “How to drive traffic to a beat store?” you are at the right place to know all these strategies are working great right now. Here are the top 20 proven ways to drive traffic to your beat store.

A beat store is a great way to showcase your work in front of people.
But having a beat store is not enough. You also need potential traffic in it to get recognized or make sales.

Almost all music producers have a beat store, whether it is to show their work or to sell the beats. But without traffic, the beat store isn’t that much of a help.

Though it showcases your talent and your amazing soulful creation, if no one comes to know it, what’s the point?

How to promote the Beat selling website?

  • Write informative and helpful articles that are directed toward your targeted traffic.
  • Make offer free beats to get more audience.
  • Add your website URL to all popular social profiles
  • Add the website address in the signature email
  • Learn SEO to be found through search engines.
  • Pay the amount for advertising.

Which are the best tools to promote Your Beats?

  • Build your website to promote your beats
  • Post your beats to the targeted audience
  • Using top social media to promote beats
  • Give leverage marketing automation tools to promote your beats highly
  • Increase beat marketing skills to new heights

How to sell beat online?

Here are given top websites to sell Beats online

  • To create your website and show your brand
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • SoundCloud
  • Airbit

Are beats selling profitable online?

Today’s digital age beats selling the first-growing and most profitable business. Now many industries are seeking new markets and new audiences through online platforms.

According to the Urban masterclass, the beats-selling industry generates revenue of at least $ 30 (Thirty) million a year. If you gain 0.1% of that, you will earn $ 30k a year. So beat selling profitable business in the digital age.

How to drive traffic to a beat store? Best Expert’s Tips

1. Do In-Person Marketing

The real world is a great place for marketing. In-Person Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. No doubt, an effective method too to drive lots of potential traffic.

Participating in music conventions, talent shows, school-college concerts, and birthday parties is a good way to become familiar as a music maker.

The strategy is quite simple; you do what you do in front of people. Give the best you can offer so they may get interested in checking out your work after you hand them your card.

2. Create Stunning beats and upload them to Youtube

Nowadays, Youtube is the most trending platform available in the world. You can always find good videos on Youtube regardless of your industry or niche.

You can also use Youtube to drive traffic to your beat store.

Upload your beats on Youtube that are free to use with a scenario behind them. Try to make the type of beat that people likes. Creating a playlist in each beat type might help to find it easily on Youtube.

Many big producers are getting a large amount of monthly traffic from Youtube.

Put your website and social media details in the Video meta description. That way, your visitors can reach out to you easily.

Most of the time, this type of potential traffic converts into a potential customer.

3. Promote Your Beat to Popular Channels

Who doesn’t love music? I bet everyone does. Millions of people wait to hear new good music on various platforms.

Promotional channels like Soundcloud has millions and millions of subscribers. These platforms are great for getting tons of traffic to your beat store.

Though it’s quite hard to get places on famous channels like these, you should try it if you think you are a beast at work. Try to put in a submission to a channel like MrSuicideSheep.

There are many websites available like Soundcloud where you can place your work.

Some SoundCloud alternatives are:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Tidal
  • Youtube Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • Qobuz
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Primephonic

4. Write Helpful Articles for your Audience

When you are working with beats, your potential clients are music artists. You should focus on them and create valuable content that will provide value to them.

Blogging is a great way to reach out to millions of people. Reaching out to millions of people means potential traffic to the beat store.

Write valuable articles on music and publish them on your blog or website.

Write articles like :

  • How to Get More Listens on Spotify
  • How to release the first mixtape
  • Song Writing Tips
  • How to get a Record deal
  • How to create better songs
  • If you are not into writing and want to focus on your beat, hire a good writer with experience writing on music.
  • Fiverr and Upwork are great and cheap places to hire good content writers.

5. SEO

We discussed creating a blog for the Audience in the previous method of driving traffic to your beat store. SEO and blogging or creating helpful content and getting traffic are related.

SEO is the process of getting visibility in search engines. Google, Bing, DuckDuck go, Baidu, etc., are well-known search engines that we use daily.

Creating good quality articles in your beat store and optimizing them will help you rank your website on various search terms.

If you have a good budget, you can hire an SEO expert and do it. If you know, it’s always a plus point and cost-effective.

SEO is a tough and lengthy process but worth doing if you have time and money.

You can target search terms like “best freestyle beats” and “best rap beats” and get lots of traffic to your beat store.

6. Do Social Media Outreach

Social media has created a huge impact on our personal and business life. In the music industry, Social media plays a vital role.

If you have a good number of followers and good beats, people will come to hear them.
Share it on your social media account whenever you create a new beat.

You can also tag them for every new publish you do. Make sure you don’t annoy anyone by tagging them frequently.
There are many groups and threads where music producers or people ask for suggestions. Try to take part in those threads or comments. Build your network around interested people in music.

In the music industry, relationships, and good connection matters. Be supportive of others, and you will likely get support from others too.

Please don’t spam or disturb people by randomly giving them personal messages. Popular social Media outreach is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your beat store.

7. Be Active on Music Forums

Forums aren’t that much famous as they used to be. Still, it provides an easy way to connect in the music world. The forum helps to get a good amount of specific traffic.

Respond to queries on the forum, interact with others, and share valuable insights. You will get a good number of potential traffic and people connecting with you. From that connection, you can get some good traffic and sales.

You can ask them to share your work, give valuable feedback, etc.

8. Offer Free Beats to your Audience

Freebies are people’s favorite and easy marketing method. If you offer something, you will get more responses than usual. It’s proven, and it works.

Music artist loves free beats. Offer your audience free beats and also permit them to use them in their work.
You can create a page on your website where people can put their email and download free beats. This way, you can get their email id and reach out to them afterward.

Both sides will be benefited from it. And hearing freebies, many people will come to your website.
Also, promote your free beats on social media to drive traffic to your beat store.

9. Write Guest Posts On Other Websites

Writing blog posts on your website isn’t giving you enough exposure? Try to do some guest posting on other’s websites too.

Find good and reputable websites in your niche. Reach out to them via mail and offer them quality articles to post on their blog.

If the pitch gets accepted, link to your beat store and get potential traffic and customers.

This is a good traffic-driven method as you will only guest posts on trusted websites that readers read.
You can hire writers from various online platforms for guest posting services or writing articles.

10. Offer An Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your beat store or website. You can set up your own affiliate program and offer your referrals a commission for each sale.

People interested in it will promote your beat store and beats for you to earn commissions.

11. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven method to drive traffic. Try to collect as many emails as you can from your targeted audiences.

Collect emails from family members, friends, old clients, potential new clients, etc.
Every time you release a new beat or music, you can send them via newsletter or simply an email blast.

Your new creation will arrive in their inbox, and you will get some direct traffic to your beat store.

Email marketing isn’t like other marketing platforms like Social media. Social media keep tailoring the homepage each minute, and many of your friends do not get to see your posts.

12. Add Email Signature

If you have many email lists and communicate with them often, adding an email signature is a must.
Add an email signature and put your beat store or website link there.

This is very effective for producers who send beats regularly to artists open to listening to their work.

Some producers don’t have a website or beat store and can only provide an audio file.
You can get good visitors from this method or even a beat sale.

13. Using BuySell Ads

BuySell ads methods to drive traffic to a beat store are for those with a good budget.
BuySell ads is a network where advertisers can buy ad space on other’s sites and get targeted traffic.

Make sure you find websites such as music blogs and magazines within your niche and do the campaign.
Musitians have seen good results from using banner ads to get traffic to their beat store or website.

14. Comment on Blogs

Comment on other blogs to build a good network with your industry people. Give positive feedback and valuable suggestions in comments to other artists.

Many blogs ask you to enter your name, email address, and website URL to comment. You can create an opportunity for people to reach out to you by commenting.

15. RepostExchange

RepostExchange is a great marketing tool that artists use nowadays. Producers and artists use it when uploading their songs to Soundcloud.

As a producer, you can upload your created beats with your site link.

This way, you can get many listens from artists in your same genre. People interested in your sound will visit your website to hear other beats of yours.

16. Facebook Ads

If you have a smart budget to spend, you can try Facebook ads to drive traffic to your beat store. Facebook ads are great for small businesses to get leads and website traffic.

You can watch a video tutorial on Youtube to set up a Facebook ads campaign or hire an expert.

But you must have a good budget to test different ads on Facebook and optimize them over time.

17. Youtube Ads

Youtube is a great platform to get organic traffic. It’s also ahead of other ads platform in the case of music.
Musicians and producers will find it very helpful as it can drive massive traffic to the beat store.

It’s a plus point if producers already have a Youtube channel and videos uploaded to it.

You can target potential audiences interested in beats or your genre. This works extremely well in combination with “type beat” marketing.

Youtube ads are an effective paid way to get traffic to your beat store.

18. Google Adwords

Like Youtube ads and Facebook ads, there is another giant advertising network to get traffic named Google Adwords.
You can get visibility of the audience searching for music terms directly on top of Google’s organic search results.

This is also like SEO, but it shows sponsored results at the top to get traffic from various search terms you set in your campaign.

The beauty of this method is that you can get results quickly. And the scary thing is you may need a high budget to get the best results in your campaign.

19. Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is a cost-effective way to get lots of traffic to your beat store. Doing video content marketing correctly will give you fine results.

If you can give good music-making tips, beat-making tips, songwriting tips, marketing tips, etc., you should start doing video content marketing immediately. You can even use an online video editor to create and edit interesting video content for marketing.

You can mention your beat store or channel name to check out your latest beat or work in the videos.
Some fans or visitors of your content might also become fans of your original material.

20. Type-Beat Marketing

Producers often upload songs on Youtube similar to a popular artist’s style. Many well-known and upcoming producers have gained traction and fans by consistently uploading good beats.

This way, they often get subscribers links to their website where listeners can download or buy their beats.


Following the above methods, you can drive tons of traffic to your beat store and make beat sales easily. The methods might take time; you have to be consistent in them.