Creating excellent content and generating search traffic is more complicated. It would help if you used tactics to discover great keyword and content ideas to increase organic search engine traffic. Answer The Public is an almost indispensable Keyword research tool that allows you to learn about the target audience and understand what they are looking for.

Answer the Public is one of the incredible free keyword research and content idea tools that help find many hidden keywords in any niche. It autocompletes the database from millions of search engines and quickly cranks useful phrases people ask around keywords.

Answer the public keyword research tool is a goldmine of customer insight that can be used to generate fresh, ultra-useful content, product, and services. It also discovers what users search for on blogs, forums, and social media and turns those questions into great keywords. You can optimize long tail keywords and data to answer a question that appears in the Google featured snippet. In addition, you can search for keywords in the country and language you want.

Why do you use Answer the Public?

  • Search for new keywords idea
  • Semantic analysis
  • The idea for great content
  • Discovering present market trends
  • Improve your SEO goal

Do you want to know more details about the tool? Check out our depth review, feature, and pricing to find all the details we will provide in the blog. Are you ready to jump into the details? Let’s start.

What is the Answer to the Public?

Answer the Public is an online freemium tool that helps you to discover keyword research and create content ideas. It displays a visualization of data from search engines like Google and Being. The fantastic tool offers content ideas and gives insight into the question and thoughts through users’ minds.

Through the tool, businesses can easily manage and track their content, social media account, customer support content, email campaigns, and more. It offers a wide range of contextual tools that help marketers collect data on how people interact with a series of articles that improve overall performance. In addition, answer the Public has a vast database that can predict the audience’s questions.

Answer the Public also generates suggestions based on prepositions “with,” “like,” “without,” and “versus,” as well as adding alphabetical search queries are most common. The autocomplete tool turns Google search term predictions into a visual database called search clouds.

It split these tool search cloud visualizations into five categories are

  • Question
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical

You can use visualizations to understand what visitors are searching for in your niche that provides audience needs, queries, and challenges. For example, you are selling women’s fashion sneakers online. Typing “women’s fashion sneakers shoes” into the search bar will appear several search clouds that contain valuable search information for this term quarry.

The question search cloud includes results like “why women fashion sneakers shoes for you” and how women fashion sneakers shoes are made. Creating a blog post tailored to these specific search queries will be easy. You will get to answer the exact question the target audience seeks.

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What are the Benefits of Using Answer the Public Keyword Research Tool?

The main advantage is that it provides questions that people ask compare to other keyword research tools. Therefore, it is an undeniably effective tool for content marketing and generates long-tail keyword ideas to create high-converting content. In addition, you will get a super-rich database that allows you to be specific about the topic and make keyword suggestions.

Find Long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords can rank faster on Google and other search engines. It is called the most extended expression that is longer than four words. You find long-tail phrases that work great for new and well-established websites. These keywords have very low search volume but little competition that can easily rank and will have a better conversion rate—usually, people looking for these keywords for a specific solution. Only Answer the public keyword research tool can help to discover many untapped keywords.

Get more SEO traffic.

The tool provides different, related search queries that increase the chance of ranking high. If your niche is more competitive, Answer the Public helps find the right keywords that drive more traffic to your website. Use Answer the Public to find many transactional keywords with low competition. You can rank higher in a competitive niche if you create quality content with long-tail keywords. The relatively new blog will improve ranking and authority if creating content with long tail keywords.

Notably, other tools show keyword difficulty and search volume level but answer the public symbol with a dark green dot. Therefore, be cautious because some high-trending keywords have low search volume.

Note: In this case, go to SEMrush or Ahrefs to discover the search volume, CPC, and competition of very competitive keywords. Many experts use keywords everywhere, directly feeding data into Answer the public, so you can easily identify the potential long-tail keywords to make exciting content.

To get on, Google featured snippets.

Let me explain if you need to familiarize yourself with the featured snippets. When you search the internet to buy, order a product or get solutions, you probably see Google snippets on your search result pages. This is because Google provides a box in search result pages to provide precise information to the audience without consulting the site.

Different featured snippets used by Google include a list, paragraph, video, table, and accordion. It provides question-based queries is also important to get the maximum chance of featured snippets. The tool Answer the public will offer many question-based questions to create content. It would help if you targeted those keywords which quickly get featured snippets that will help you rank top on SERP and drive more organic traffic to your pages.

If any website frequently appears in the Google feature will get a better chance of improving its conversion rate. Quires on questions are more likely to elicit snippet responses into SERPs, creating question-based content when using Answer the public. You also target long-tail keywords to help you optimize your content for snippets.

Tips to get content featured snippets

Use Answer the public keyword research tool to find more question-based quarries that will appear as more relevant questions for your keywords.

Provide your Answer in a snipper format and have the question on the (H2, H3, H4) and answer in paragraph format.

To get the list-type features, snippets to provide the step-by-step solution answer have over eight list points. The answer paragraphs within 50 words well perform.

Do not include your views. Instead, write Answers logically and professionally.

Easier to rank on voice searches

Voice search is longer than normal keywords. So, getting more long tail keywords will be easy by using Answer the public. According to data, 40% of US users and all over 120 million use voice searches. In addition, 55% of US online shoppers use voice search to find better products.

The massive popularity of voice assistants targeting long-tail keywords is crucial to ranking.

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How to Use Answer the Public to Get More Organic Traffic? 

This is not an all-in-one keyword research tool; however, Answer the Public is a significant starting point for research keywords. By using the tool, you can drive organic traffic to your site. Let’s dive into you each with this amazing tool of these steps in more detail to help you with your keyword research journey.


If the default visual format is hard to follow, you can switch to the easy-read version by selecting the “data” tab.

You will get better chances of increasing conversions and driving organic traffic to your website. You can use this great tool for keyword research strategy by following the steps:

  • Define and input your chosen topics
  • Research relevant search queries and potential
  • Analyze SERPs and create relevant content

 Know about your audience

You have an excellent grasp of your audience for SEO related to your brand niche before attempting to offer content. Try to know their essential needs to attract them to your product or services. The tool provides unique insight, which is why we can take help from other tools like Google analytics.

  • Try to create content that applies to your target audience
  • Use Google and the SERPs to understand better exactly what audiences are searching for
  • Uncover which keyword phrases are directing traffic to your competitors and target them, too.

Also, consider

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Highest level of education
  • Location
  • Social class
  • Consumption habit

 Define your topics

Take your niche and target your most interested audience related to your brand. You can use Google search console and analytics data to identify niche-based audience current interaction with your site.

Note: Do not worry if you appear in an extensive list-related tour niche. The tool (Answer the public) will narrow the list down by showing search-relevant queries to your brand or business.

Input Chosen topics into Answer the Public 

Type your topics into the search bar and make sure topics apply to your niche brand. Once you have your list of topics to research, the tool will find related search queries to get keyword ideas.

Answer the public com-

You can further research search terms if you are interested in your particular brand to decide whether they are worth pursuing. For example, the type of “best food” search result could be highly relevant for the best food selling a variety of best food.

Note: Your displayed search query results could turn into compelling blog posts for the target audience.

Analyze relevant and potential search terms

Once you revise the search list of search queries, further analyze potential search terms using SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Ubersuggest. If you want to research organic search, these SEO tools allow you to gain deeper insights. For example, you will get ideas like monthly search volume, intent, top ranking page, keyword difficulty, CPC, related keywords, SERP Features, and many more.

Answer the public alternative-

You can use related search terms and top-ranking page information to make further strategies. For example, for paid marketing, channels like Google ads can generate ideas at the CPC and competition score. It will help determine cost per click aligns with your paid marketing budget and return on ad spend.

Use these insights to decide which keywords want to pursue. Beginners can choose long-tail keywords, which can be great for tapping into highly relevant traffic that will increase conversions.

SERPs Analyze

You have narrowed down the keywords list to analyze Google search results for search queries. Just turn on an incognito mode for Google review to choose results that appear in SERPs and consider rich snippets in the “People also ask” box. SERP analysis can help you decide whether the keyword is relevant to your brand niche.

Create relevant organic and paid content

After getting your brief list of search terms:

  1. Create high-quality organic and paid Content.
  2. Create interesting ad copy target keywords for your chosen search terms for paid marketing.
  3. Create a relevant landing page that encourages the audience to take action.

For organic marketing, your search queries should inform of your marketing strategies and which types of Content you will produce.

Increase conversion

Make sure that people are looking for the answer to the question; this tool guides and generates the response. You will give an eye-catching title to your blog post when people search for related questions they find on your pages to click on it. If you provide a relevant answer, the user likely converts. You will provide the information below on your landing page.

  • A viable solution to the problem that the user is facing
  • Valuable information in your content to your target audience
  • Service or product story to make the audience enjoyable in buying them
  • Give testimonials to gain credibility

Tips for using Answer the Public

Answer the Public is an excellent tool for researching potential keywords and generating content ideas for your blog site. Use its data to inform your content marketing and content strategy efforts. You can also use the tool’s data to develop new content ideas you would not have thought of otherwise.

  • Use the tool to come up with content ideas that are relevant to your niche
  • Think which question people are asking in your related niche that can target
  • Use this tool for data information for content strategy and content marketing efforts
  • Save the data to come up when creating your website content
  • Research potential keywords for your website
  • Use conjunction with other keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs
  • Use different keyword research tools to get comprehensive data on the search landscape
  • Make a plan and execute this data for your SEO strategy

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Answer the Public Pricing and Features

It is freemium with a lot of features but also has some limitations. With Answer, the Public will get two versions: one is free, and the other is the pro version. The Premium version gives you much greater unlimited features.

Free Version:

The free Version will provide only limited daily searches. You will get three search reports per day. It is helpful for beginner bloggers to get a handful of content ideas to try out the work method of the tool.

Pro version:

The Pro version monthly subscription fee of $99 will get unlimited searches with additional futures, unlimited users, compare data, CVS exports, and 24/7 priority customer support.

It has 3 different premium plans are

  • The monthly premium plan costs $99
  • The expert premium plan costs $199
  • Enterprise monthly premium plan costs $399

Monthly $99/mo

  • Pro version additional features like
  • Unlimited searches
  • New suggestions and compare data
  • Location-based results and languages
  • High-resolution images
  • 24/7 priority customer support
  • Saved all reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Hide answer sections and individual suggestions

Expert $199/mo

  • Everything is premium
  • Unlimited users
  • 20 search listening alerts
  • Scroll down to see more features
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social listening
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Additional relevant keywords for paid and organic campaign
  • Brand Monitoring

Enterprise $399/mo

It will provide unlimited daily searches and listen to alerts after 50 searches.

Answer the Public Premium Features

Answer the Public is a powerful keyword research tool that explores different aspects compared to other keyword research tools. It is an excellent tool for finding SEO, content marketing, and paid ads. Let’s know if its premium version has unlimited features.

  • Unlimited daily searches
  • Get alerts to new suggestions.
  • The tool helps to find new keywords compared to evolved data.
  • You can export results in CSV format.
  • Users can export new content and high resolution for better insights
  • You can add unlimited team members to work on the same projects
  • You will get 24/7 customer support to solve your technical issues
  • Anyone can create folders and organize research to present your project to your clients.
  • You can hide irrelevant and unwanted from your keyword suggestions
  • The tool automatically saves all of your reports.
  • You can search location-based results with different languages

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Answer The Public Pros and Cons

Every tool has pros and cons. Here I have picked a few important advantages and disadvantages. First, let’s talk about the tool’s benefits and limitations.


  • It is an excellent tool for keyword research and brainstorming new topic ideas.
  • Users will find long-tail keywords and get more relevant content.
  • The unique tool will give you an easy and memorable data visualization form.
  • Users can easily ably compare data over time and find new target keywords.
  • You can export your keyword data in CVS and high-resolution image format.
  • The tool offers a free plan; you do not need credit cards to use the free version, although facing a search limit, but not bad for beginners.


  • It is not all in one tool, because there is no keyword search volume data. You will need to use another tool like SEMrush. Ahrefs for monthly volume.
  • The tool provides limited searches on the free version, and the Pro version is more expensive than other tools.
  • You will not get other keyword metrics available in this tool, like CPC, competition, or keyword difficulty. In addition, it can only use this tool for content idea generation, so $99 per month is more expensive and needs to be justified.

 Top 3 Answer the Public Alternative to Help Your Keyword Research

The keyword research tools below are the most common alternatives people compare with Answer the People.

  1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – Paid Tool

Ahrefs is a complete SEO suite and a popular choice for keyword research.

While the company offers several products, its Keywords Explorer is the one you should look for to get a comprehensive list of keywords.

Keyword Explorer generates monthly search volume, the competition you will face, and the target market you will attract once you choose it. Not only this, but it also shares the number of backlinks required to improve your site’s ranking.

key benefits

  • Keyword concept
  • SEO metrics
  • Advanced filter
  • Ranking score
  • History of Top Contenders


Ahrefs offers four plans starting at $99 per month.

Since subscriptions are costly, I recommend a trial before choosing a plan. It is relatively affordable and will help you make an informed decision.

  1. SEMrush – Paid tools

SEMrush offers an extensive list of functions that help you discover keywords and phrases your competitors used to drive traffic to their sites.

You probably use its keyword magic tool often. Features include unique advanced filters to narrow down the keyword list. With the refining function, you can find low-competition long-tail phrases and commercial words for your PPC ads.

SEMrush categorizes keywords into groups, saving you time deleting irrelevant niches from your list. You will rarely find this function in other tools.

Key benefits

  • In-depth keyword overview
  • SEO strategies of competitors
  • SERP filter
  • Comparison report
  • A database containing about 20 billion keywords


SEMrush’s starting price is $119 per month. You can upgrade your plan and cancel any additional services.

Please take advantage of its 7-day free trial to learn more about the app.

3.UberSuggest – Free tool

Ubersuggest is the mini and affordable version of Ahrefs. While I wouldn’t call it a substitute for the former, it’s a solid tool for keyword research.

You can discover your keyword search volume, potential competition, cost per click, and geographic reach.

You can also analyze what content people use to attract traffic and what social networks they use to generate said traffic.

Key benefits

  • Keyword Suggestions
  • SEO metrics
  • Historical data of competitors
  • Target market segmentation


UberSuggest’s primary keyword research tool is free. However, to access deeper graphs of your audience and competitors, upgrade the plan for $12 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Answer The Public Tool

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about this tool.

What is the Answer to the Public? 

It is a freemium keyword research tool that visualizes search questions, generates a ton of keywords and content ideas, and suggests searches for Google and Bing.

Why is Answer the Public helpful?

The unique tool provides insight into what people are asking on the internet. They can use the information the tool provides for your content marketing and help create new ideas for content, blog posts, or even products.

Are there any free keyword research tools? 

Yes, you will get plenty of keyword research tools online. Some of them are.

  • Keyword Surfer
  • Ubersuggest (freemium)
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Keyworddit

How do I use Answer the Public?

To use the tool, enter a keyword into the search bar on the software. The tool will generate a list of questions and a ton of keywords that the user is searching for their topic in the Google search.

Can I download keyword data from Answer the Public?

Yes, you can. The tool helps you easily download all your keyword data in CVS format, even using the free version.

How often do I use Answer the Public?

Yes, you can use them as often as you like; however, using them at least once is weak to keep your fresh content strategy.

Can I find hidden keywords using Answer the Public?

Yes, you can discover hidden keywords by using the Answer the Public. There are three billion searches every day, so if you want untapped and hidden keywords, this tool can be an excellent choice that gives instant and raw search insights.

What are some other ways I can use Answer the Public?

  • You can also use it for
  • Create new content ideas
  • Monitor competitor’s keywords
  • Short out what people are saying about your brand niche
  • You can keep up with industry trends

How do I answer the public for research keywords?

Follow the steps for content strategy in the Answer the public keyword research tool.

  • First: Ask the right question
  • Second: Make sure it is relevant to your niche
  • Third: Create content that answers questions
  • Fourth: Weave in tour service or product
  • Fifth: Well, optimize for search

How much does Answer the Public cost? 

Monthly: The monthly plan costs $99/month. It gives unlimited daily searches after 4 search listening alerts and priority customer support.

Annual: This plan costs $948 for one year. With this, you can save 20% when compared to monthly plans. It also gives you unlimited daily searches and priority customer support.

Enterprise: This Enterprise plan is for agencies. It costs $399 per month. It also gives you unlimited daily searches and 50 search listening alerts. In addition, getting an education package is worth $447.

What are Answer the Public alternatives?

Some of the popular alternatives are:

  • Google AdWords keyword planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Also Asked, etc.

How to sign up for Answer the Public?

Go to the link for login You can access all the answers from public features and data.

How do I contact Answer the Public?

You can email Answer the public team at


In conclusion, Answer the Public is an unmistakable tool that will help you find actual search terms. It can help your existing search strategy for paid and organic search marketing. The tool also offers you low competition to optimize the ranking of your web pages.

The tools find the right keyword to create content that attracts people and grows traffic. Learn how to use the tool that will enjoy optimizing ranking on SERPs. The keyword research tool will be one of the top-performing aids for optimizing SEO. You can share your thoughts in the comment box if you want to suggest any alternatives to Answer the Public.