What is the biggest difference between real estate sites getting traffic from search engines and those not? Real estate backlinks for SEO to win on Google.

The simple way to understand them is to imagine the internet as a big popularity contest. For example, in high school, when you voted for the student senate, the person with the most votes won and the person typically very popular.

Search engines, especially Google’s whole business model, are predicated on giving real customers what they want. They have to give searches the most useful popular content. Such a Facebook has over 32,348008k pretty legit backlinks. For your real estate business, you need to focus on link-building your real estate backlinks for your SEO portfolio.

Google is pretty smart and updated, and it’s known when you do, real estate backlinks are spammy or faked. You can easily get real estate backlinks from Fiverr or Forum, but now Google can easily track them.

Today, I will show how you can instantly get high PR Dofollow backlinks for your real estate website. This is different, and most free tactics will not be boring like old tactics like blog comments. Here are actionable real estate backlinks-building techniques and monitoring backlinks to get found today.

What is Real Estate SEO?

SEO is an essential real estate component, like digital marketing for all sizes and industries. Real estate SEO helps optimize content and online presence while attracting more valuable clients through organic search results. Paid Ads can increase traffic, but ROI pales compared to what SEO offers.

Proper real estate SEO strategy deals with the gritty nitty of keyword optimization, focus user experience content optimization, creating quality backlinks, and more. Real estate SEO to turn a real estate site into a credible, trusted one and encourage more organic traffic that ranks into SERPs like Google.

Does a Real Estate Business Need SEO?

SEO can help build an incredibly successful real estate business to get more leads, close sales, and generate more revenue. If you are able to dominate the search results in the local market, success comes with time. It is the best way to market your business online on a tight budget to get better ROIs with SEO.

By implementing SEO techniques, real estate-owned businesses can increase website visibility, attract target audiences, build authority, improve user experience, and enjoy long-term benefits. Investing resources and time in SEO can make a significant difference in the success and growth of your real estate business.

Importance of High-Quality Real Estate Backlinks

Quality backlinks are an integral element of real estate SEO. Real estate backlinks confirmed ranking signals used by Google and other search engines to determine the credibility of a website. High-quality links to real estate websites increase traffic flow and translate to more conversions and overall profitability of your venture.

Why need quality backlinks for real estate SEO?

  • High-authority domains and blogs attract potential traffic to your online space. Valuable clients will be interested in your offering when they spot your top website and get more conversions for your real estate business.
  • Getting high-quality backlinks from authority websites begets more quality links that increase the likelihood of more people finding you credible enough to link their blogs and articles.
  • They will boost your real estate brand and cost a pretty penny. High-quality links from authority websites reinforce your position in the real estate business. Your brand will trust and get recognition from top websites, which equates to more business and growth for real estate ventures.
  • Your network is net worth, and they encourage better networking. Few things impact your successful real estate business, like your chain of networks. The quality backlinks give you the better potential to spend on new material.
  • High-quality backlinks give some bragging rights. Garnering good links earns the audaciousness to hold your chest high. Having your name covered by leaders in the real estate industry shows that you are worth the hype. Don’t be modest; include a collection of articles, meaning you brag and age away.

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What are the Challenges faced by Real Estate Industry with Backlinks?

Before creating inbound links, you need to address specific link-building challenges in this industry.

Finding quality linking websites takes a lot of work.

When soliciting inbound backlinks, the quality play of the linking websites is important. Researching these websites can take time, and building relationships to gain links can be frustrating.

Overcrowded market competition

The industry has a lot of competition, making it more important to generate quality backlinks. You are competing with giant conglomerates like RE/MAX Keller Williams; the local real estate company competes with massive nationwide to-land clients.

Local search is crucial.

Most of the valuable leads are going to search for local search terms like home near me. It would help if you addressed this in backlink strategies.

Your Metrics can be misleading.

It is a very simple fact all backlinks are not created equal. As someone is not an SEO professional, you may assume any incoming backlink is good. Or, a link from an unrelated website with great traffic may be superior to a less trafficked but relevant website. It is not.

The above tactics you can use to generate real estate backlinks improve your website’s visibility and land more deals.

Why Real Estate Agencies Need to Get Higher Quality Backlinks?

There is a stable rule in search engine optimization that states that the more backlinks you have on the pages of your website, the better the content will be matched by search terms relevant to your business. However, link-building benefits and strategies differ from company to company, and to be successful, you need to have a particularly smart approach. For example, a backlinking campaign is drastically different for real estate professionals.

As a general rule, webmasters implement the following basic strategies when they begin to boost the search engine rankings of the newly established domain:

  • Post links to new articles and website updates on social media;
  • Generate backlinks for the new domain;

Maintain a consistent pace of posting new content to your blog.

All the approaches mentioned above will give you a positive result if you repeat them continuously for your site. However, if you were to increase your brand’s search engine authority more quickly, you should get more building and implement some effective link-building techniques.

Since the real estate market is considered the most competitive market in the digital market, it will most likely start with a lot of competition. To outwit competitors in your niche, you need to think smart and create backlinks in different deceptive and creative ways. The point is that they should look natural to both search engines and users.

You need to have a particular purpose for your optimization and link-building campaign. Otherwise, you will end up with bad results. To rank at the top of SERP cannot serve as the main business objective. It is a very general statement that most likely will not give you any positive results. You need to break down this overly big idea into the most realistic and smaller plans, like building quality links or creating engaging content.

If your online business goal is to get backlinks, then you need to ask the following question:

  • How can this backlink affect my real estate company?
  • Does the backlink look organic to the content, or does it look like I bought this link for advertising purposes?
  • What search terms are I trying to rank for on SERP?
  • Where on my website is the backlink submission traffic?

If you have truthful answers to these questions, you can go ahead and select an appropriate link-building campaign to generate high-quality backlinks to your real estate domain.

11 Top Techniques to Obtain High-Quality Real Estate Backlinks

It is clear that you have a solid online presence to compete in the modern real estate market. We will write everything you need to know about obtaining high-quality real estate backlinks. The real estate backlinks that you should seek must be

  • Relevance to the real estate niche.
  • High-quality links to help boost your search engine rankings.

To secure quality links, you must have strategies that focus on gaining the attention of Google and other search engines, or else you will be wasting your valuable time.

The following methods will help you generate high-quality backlinks for your site:

  1. Created consistent, targeted content

This is the first way to build your real estate SEO ranking. With consistent content, your homepage would rank. Every piece of content is like a door to your website, meaning more doors, more people can visit your site, and opportunities to Rank in Google.

You have to start location-based targeting when building links and driving organic traffic to your website. The goal boosts your exposure.

We will talk about the importance of creating consistent content that will get the eyes of the audience in your community on your website. Target content could be about a new trend in real estate or the growing popularity of a revitalized neighborhood. A well-engaging blog post in your local area to garner attention, even from people who are not actively looking to sell or buy a home.

This type of engaging content serves as a resource for web searchers and will likely result in a link to post on the website and social media.

Target real audiences and influencers who can bring website traffic. Create target content that has value for your local audience and will be picked up, linked to, and shared.

  1. Leverage your Local Network

The real estate business game is all about depends on relationships. The goal is to leverage the local network to gain quality incoming links.

The entire real estate industry is built on collaboration. No one achieves real estate success when you work with other agents to transfer your property on a sale to meeting with groups like the Chamber of Commerce.

Reach out to local resources and build strong relationships with websites and blogs in the particular industry and your area. The blogs and websites of real estate agents are great resources for link-building and maintaining your business associations, social groups, and neighborhoods.

Get them to link to your content with a polite, well-written, short email. Securing these valuable links will improve your website’s visibility in local searches. Importantly, you will be able to capitalize on these geo-targeted links of non-local competitors.

Your target audience will be homebuyers and homeowners. Do not think backlinks from the network are just for search engines. When someone backlinks your content, they send a strong message that they trust and believe in what you are doing, which is not lost on homebuyers and homeowners.

They see links pointing to your site, and greater name recognition will be achieved. Both are important things that mean getting more clients.

  1. Guest Blogging

This is one of the most effective ways to obtain real estate backlinks through guest posts. Start by identifying influential real estate blogs and offer to write guest posts. In return, you can place your website a link back within the article or author bio.

Guest post is when you write an article for other related websites and get a link back to your website. It is a great way to get exposure to build strong relationships with other real estate websites. When you are looking for guest post opportunities, target high-quality sites in your niche that have driven huge organic traffic.

Follow the guidelines for finding good guest posting opportunities:

  • Scout out relevant sites that have high DA with Ahrefs
  • Check all websites linking to your identity, competitors, and opportunities.
  • Browse the most popular real estate websites and see if they accept guest posts.
  • Look at those websites which have massive traffic and are in your niche.
  • Local news websites are a great place to acquire guest blogging backlinks.
  • Write for other reputed real estate sites as a guest blogger.
  1. Create Blog Posts on Local Blogs

One of the oldest and most practical ways to get quality and targeted backlinks is to create guest posts for different niche-related blogs. It doesn’t mean you should only look for real estate blogs; you can also write quality information for local community blogs, city news platforms, etc. When you start generating quality backlinks to your site from trusted web sources, your site gets more authority from Google and ranks higher on SERP.

  1. Share your current content on other websites

Another way to get a lot of high-quality backlinks is to repurpose your content on several quality content publishing websites. You can reuse your content by changing its format. In other words, every blog post you create should be followed by a slideshow, presentation, YouTube video, or Facebook live session. You can post all these different contents on all your social media channels and attract the most interested users.

  1. Build a network with Testimonials & Reviews

There is nothing like reviews and testimonials to convince people about a company’s legitimacy. Google search will review a few sites with testimonials in the local area.

You will find many sites with reviews listed on them and link out who left the review. If you do not have a page like this, make one and give them the first review, which will get real estate backlinks and help your Google ranking.

The goal is to expand your network with other businesses. It is a powerful and quick way to build links to your website by offering testimonials to other businesses.

If you love email marketing, give them a positive review on Google and include a link to your website in your profile.

Additionally, establish your authority and boost your business. They will cultivate goodwill with the business you are reviewing. You have established a positive relationship, and we will be happy to provide you with a link.

The target audience of other businesses in your local community. Make a list of all the businesses you use: local service providers or online tools.

Leave them reviews or testimonials and send an email linking to the review and asking for a link.

  1. Resource Pages

Resource page link-building is where you get backlinks from webpages that curate lists of links to external websites. Another great way to obtain quality backlinks is by adding your site to relevant resource pages.

Resource pages list a particular topic devoted to real estate resources.

Here are examples of real estate resource pages:

  • Flipboard.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Hubspot.com
  • Zillow.com

Adding your real estate website to a resource page is an easy-to-get quality backlink. You have to find relevant resource pages and contact the webmaster, asking if they would like to include your website link.

  1. Forums post

Selling and buying a home can be confusing and stressful for the people involved. Many sellers and buyers will turn to forum posts like Quora, Reddit, and local websites seeking answers to their questions; that’s why post on forums you come to.

The goal is to establish yourself as a real estate authority and promote your business on forum sites. If you don’t do anything but self-promoter, it has a negative impact on your reputation, especially in communities like Reddit, where users vote on quality content. Instead, we need to provide high-quality, valuable information to be genuinely helpful.

Help people solve their problems and establish credentials before using communities for real estate backlinks. Put your website link naturally and follow guidelines. Once you have created yourself as an expert, your link will be more appreciated and likely to get clicks.

  1. Citations

Citations revolve around NAP information, whereas backlinks are directly linked to on-site content. The main purpose of Citations is to better assist audiences from a given location in finding businesses that offer products and services they are interested in. SEO Citations is also a ranking factor on Google and other search engines.

Ensuring citations are in order is an easy and quick win for your SEO rankings. Citations are business listings on third-party websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The more citations, the better, at least 50; make sure all these use the same contact info and business name. Building and submitting information can be time-consuming but effective for real estate SEO.

  1. HARO

HARO stands for helping a reporter out and is a free service. It is a great way to build quality backlinks and market authority simultaneously. A journalist can sign up for HARO to get quotes and contributions from market experts. You will receive three emails daily from HARO, and each email will include different requests for experts to give their opinions on a report. Real Estate companies’ agents are sought after by reporters about three times a week.

You can sign up HARO for a free account to become a source of expertise for those journalists. HARO sent out a request for a real estate agent to share their experience about picking a CRM. Oftentimes, If HARO chooses to quote you, they will give a backlink. You can outsource to a VA if you want.

Writing for about 10 minutes is easy, and email that reporter with your advice. This is a great way to build amazing backlinks back to your website.

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  1. Local Business specific directories

Websites like Zillow, Yelp, YellowPages, Realtor.com, Redfin, and the local chamber of commerce allow businesses to list their services. For the real estate business, this is a gold mine. Ensure you list these websites and complete your real estate business profile, as they can provide powerful industry-specific real estate backlinks. It provides link-building for these websites and increases visibility among local clientele.

Top 30 Real Estate Comments Backlinks Site List in 2024

SL Site link MOZ (DA)
1 https://realty.economictimes.indiatimes.com 94
2 https://content.magicbricks.com 57
3 https://realtyfact.com 46
4 https://www.nobroker.in 41
5 https://www.basunivesh.com 36
6 https://realtynxt.com 32
7 https://www.realestateindia.com 32
8 https://affordablepropertymarket.com 28
9 https://www.houseofhiranandani.com 27
10 https://www.ashwinshethgroup.com 26
11 https://www.jagaha.com 25
12 https://www.kohinoorpune.com 24
13 https://www.smcrealty.com 23
14 https://ishahomes.com 22
15 http://www.paramhomes.com 20
16 https://www.jainoncor.com 19
17 https://sprindia.com 18
18 http://www.southdelhifloors.com 15
19 https://www.guptasen.com 15
20 http://realestatesmarttips.com 14
21 https://aspireprop.com 12
22 https://goelganga.in 12
23 https://rkmumbairealtors.com 10
24 https://myronhomes.in 9
25 https://investorsgenie.com 8
26 http://www.floorrise.in 7
27 http://propmindrealty.blogspot.com 7
28 https://dholerasmartcitysir.blogspot.com 5
29 https://3dot14realtors.blogspot.com 4
30 https://aviarora.in 2


Top 25 Real Estate Guest Post Sites for Quality Backlinks 2024

1 https://www.nar.realtor 73 68
2 https://www.businessupturn.com 72 47
3 https://www.celebhomes.net 72 39
4 https://azbigmedia.com 65 57
5 https://realwealthbusiness.com 61 51
6 https://www.magazinesworld.org 59 42
7 https://realtytimes.com 58 58
8 https://www.allnetarticles.com 58 47
9 https://shelterforce.org 57 48
10 https://theconstructor.org 56 54
11 https://listwithclever.com 55 54
12 https://www.sottobosco.info 54 38
13 https://intertainews.com 52 45
14 https://www.homesgofast.com 51 54
15 https://www.propertypro.ng/home 49 27
16 https://www.rochesterrealestateblog.com 47 46
17 https://geekestateblog.com 44 47
18 https://thinkrealty.com 43 47
19 https://www.thetopvillas.com/en_us 43 46
20 https://www.dreamlandestate.com 42 44
21 https://www.elikarealestate.com 42 43
22 https://strangebuildings.com 41 40
23 https://rmfw.org 37 44
24 https://www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk 37 41
25 https://www.zricks.com 33 43


Top 15 Real Estate Internet Resources

1 https://store.wsj.com/shop/apac/wsjaoapac23 94 46
2 https://www.boston.com/realestate/news/blogs/renow 92 48
3 https://boston.curbed.com 86 57
4 http://next.inman.com 76 49
5 https://www.housingwire.com 75 61
6 https://theamericangenius.com 62 49
7 https://www.masslandrecords.com 43 51
8 https://centersandsquares.com 31 41
9 https://westernmahomes.net 22 31
10 https://www.charlesgate.com/blog 20 10
11 http://liveinsudburyma.com 12 19
12 http://www.massmortgageblog.com 11 13
13 http://smarterborrowing.com 10 16
14 https://cambridgeville.wordpress.com 6 9
15 https://thebestprizes.life 5 20

The Bottom Line

Building real estate backlinks for SEO is a time-consuming task that will yield fantastic results in the future. If you want to grow your real estate site visitors and increase quality backlinks, following the above 11 link-building tips will get you on the first page of search engines like Google in a very short time.

Link-building strategies can be used to mote backlinks and grow your website traffic and ranking. Remaining in real estate and digital marketing, it builds a genuine trust and relationship that provides value, and backlinks will follow.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What is a link in real estate?

In real estate, a link refers to a hyperlink connecting one website. These links are often used to help users navigate related websites, and they can also play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO) by indicating to search engines that a website is trustworthy and authoritative. Building high-quality real estate backlinks can help you improve your website’s SEO and attract more traffic.

How do I get real estate backlinks?

Building real estate backlinks can be time-consuming, but it will yield fantastic results in the future. Below are 11 tips to help you get started:

  1. Create high-quality blog posts that people want to link to
  2. Reach out to other real estate websites and offer to exchange links
  3. Write guest posts for other real estate sites and include backlinks to your website
  4. Use popular social media to promote your content and get more visibility
  5. Participate in online forum posts and include a backlink to your site in your signature
  6. Submit your site to real estate directories and online communities
  7. Create infographics and share them on your site and social media channels
  8. Use broken link building to find opportunities for backlinks
  9. Offer to provide expert insights for journalists writing about real estate
  10. Host events and sponsor local organizations to get backlinks from their sites
  11. Participate in local business directories and online communities
  12. Leverage local networks to gain high-quality incoming links.

How to use SEO in real estate?

SEO can play an important role in the success of a real estate website. Here are a few tips to help you use SEO effectively:

  1. Research keywords: Use tools like Google AdWords and Google Trends to research the keywords potential customers might use to find your real estate website.
  2. Optimize your website: Use the keywords you’ve identified in your website’s content, Meta title, and Meta tags to help search engines like Google understand what your site is about.
  3. Build high-quality backlinks: As I mentioned earlier, building high-quality real estate backlinks can help improve your website’s SEO and attract more traffic.
  4. Use social media: Popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, can be great tools for promoting your real estate website and generating traffic.
  5. Focus on local SEO: If you’re a local real estate agent or agency, it’s essential to focus on local SEO, which involves optimizing your site for local search terms and building local backlinks.

Is SEO good for real estate?

Yes, SEO can be very beneficial for real estate. A well-executed SEO strategy helps improve the visibility of a real estate website in search engine results pages, attract more traffic to the website, and generate more leads and sales.

By researching and using relevant keywords, optimizing website content and meta tags, building high-quality backlinks, and leveraging social media, real estate agents and agencies can effectively use SEO to improve their online presence and drive business growth.

Is SEO important for real estate?

Yes, SEO is crucial for real estate. A strong SEO presence helps real estate websites rank higher in Google results pages, which drives more website traffic and generates more leads and sales.

Using various SEO techniques like keyword research, website optimization, link building, and social media marketing, real estate agents and agencies can achieve higher visibility, establish credibility, and ultimately grow their business.