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Are you scrambling to increase your site’s organic traffic and visibility on Google or another search engine’s results pages? Then, hire an organic SEO consultant.

In today’s digital world of solid internet presence, if your website does not rank in SERPs, that indicates your website’s low performance. Hire an SEO consultant’s guidance to optimize your website for a higher ranking.

SEO experts help assess your website’s strengths and errors and optimize per relevant SEO parameters that boost traffic and revenue. SEO is crucial but critical, so hire expert organic SEO consultants with experience in this area.

What is an Organic SEO Consultant?

Organic SEO consultant helps improve business website search ranking in search results pages. They aim to make your website easier for potential customers to find you online. SEO consultants also remain competitive niche, increasing revenue and generating potential. SEO refers to making the website user-friendly and trusting customers in a target market so that Google will position the website’s pages higher in search results.

SEO is a crucial endeavor for your business because it can:

· Increase organic traffic without paid ads.

· Lead generation

· Inspire trust in website visitors.

· Turn into a loyal customer.

· Boost traffic and revenue.

Why is Organic SEO Important?

Organic SEO is the clear champion of web traffic and the method used to attain an increased ranking of search result pages. It refers to the natural placement and getting results through various proven strategies. Organic SEO is a low-cost investment with no need for paid advertisement investment in creating excellent content.

Organic SEO advantage never stopped—the power of organic search results in significant differences between paid adverts. Paid ads have no value because users and Google do not trust they understand that someone has paid for the privilege.

In late 2018, a BrightLocal case study found- “The hard-earned organic position is number one rewarding for local business searches. More than one-fourth of people choose this page compared to the paid ad and unpaid results.”

What Does an Organic SEO Consultant Do?

An organic SEO consultant performs specific SEO work to advise companies strategically.

Here is a list of organic SEO consultants that might offer:

· They perform SEO audits for clients’ website issues that affect search ranking. In addition, he will audit to discover and update old ones.

· Fixing technical issues after depth audit will fix all the website’s technical issues.

· Performing well-optimized keyword research for relevant search queries with great ranking potential. They have to understand the search intent of your target audience.

· Building quality backlinks and capitalizing on opportunities to acquire links from another site (also known as link building process)

· Create SEO content strategy and optimize existing website content.

· Improve page organization and easy site navigation.

· They create a competitive analysis of web pages that rank target keywords.

· Recommended call to action (CTA) improvements.

· Work with the marketing team to distribute content on top social media sharing and email campaigns.

Technical skills of organic SEO consultants:

· SEO strategies and make solutions that are fit for your business needs.

· Forecast how to campaign SEO will perform well, given online searcher behavior & competing sites.

· Demonstrate their expertise in how SEO works.

· Provide results of previous clients’ portfolios and reviews.

· Follow the latest SEO trends, strategies, methods, tools, and software.

· Create high-quality, unique content that ranks top search results pages.

· Analyze various data to make SEO recommendations.

What are the Benefits of hiring an Organic SEO Consultant?

Let you know the exact strong benefits after hiring an SEO consultant for your projects.

· You will gain white hat SEO with consistent efforts and increase your chances of ranking top of search ranking for various keywords.

· You will get potential customers, grow traffic and establish authority in your industry.

· Organic SEO experts will take so much load off your shoulders, and you do not have to worry about a major component of digital marketing strategy.

· You will get valuable data and analytics to boost traffic and revenue.

· An SEO consultant can help with more than just SEO.

In short, a decent SEO consultant can contribute to the vigorous growth of your business website.

How to Hire Organic SEO Consultant for Your Business? 

Hiring an organic SEO consultant is very important in your business website development. However, depending on the cost of services, it can also be a significant investment. If you are ready to hire a dedicated SEO consultant, follow these six steps to streamline the process.

Review the following signs to decide to hire an SEO consultant.

Asses your business need SEO

Start by taking a few steps to understand your company’s need SO consultant. Most SEO strategies have some tactical abilities, but not all have strategy skills. It can break the skills and strengths of an SEO consultant into four distinct functions: product management, techniques, and PR. You should hire those who entirely depend on your company’s existing SEO abilities and gaps. SEO project prioritizing skill is critical, so finding who has experience and skill in these areas.

Clarify your SEO goals and business objective.

You are first to know where your business currently stands and how an SEO consultant can help to meet your goals. The clear objective will find the best SEO expert consultant to make your business easier. Then, you can use this question to make clear your real goals.

What are your ultimate business goals?

What particular outcomes do you want the new SEO strategy to enable?

What SEO techniques do you need an SEO consultant to implement?

Working knowledge of SEO

When you have a working knowledge of SEO is better to understand that your business needs an SEO consultant. Then, it will be easy to find those whose skills and approaches can fill your project needs.

Determine your budget

Determining a budget before hiring an SEO consultant to keep your business healthy is important. Ask yourself some questions:

  • What resources are on your hand to invest in SEO consultant services?
  • How many sales can your company generate monthly?
  • Which area of your business reduces spending without operational efficiency to invest in an SEO consultant?

Create a job description.

Once you know your goal and budget, your next step is to draft a job description to guide your recruiting conversations. The job description will need.

  • Job title: corresponds to the service you need, including” SEO consultant”
  • Description of your company: a brief description of your business and required services
  • List of works: You need a checklist to perform SEO like keyword research, SEO audit, Link building service, guest post, etc.
  • Qualification: Ask them to include their technical skills and proficiency

Connect with an SEO consultant.

To connect with an SEO consultant using the following approaches:

  • Reach out there through the website and social media profile, and include a message in the job description
  • Job post description in online communities and social media to ask an SEO consultant for your SEO project.
  • Create a job listing on freelance platforms sites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, and Topal and monitor the application you receive.

Ask high-priority questions for the interview.

You build on the information you have to discover for goals from the service providers and select the best SEO consultant from a pool of candidates. Consider the following point for interviews.

  • What techniques and strategies are perfect that help your website?
  • How do you check the SEO strategy is working?
  • How long time does it typically take to get results?
  • Are they working with other competitors in your niches?
  • How do they avoid the black hat SEO that goes against Google guidelines?

Why You Need an Organic SEO Consultant and What Do They Do?

You may wonder what organic SEO consultants do. They can help your business improve in search ranking and online presence. An SEO consultant aims to audit your website’s current pages to build a solid foundation with new services.

The main aim of an SEO consultant is to increase organic traffic to your website by improving its visibility on SERPs. An SEO consultant typically conducts keyword research, On-page, Off-Page SEO optimization, and Technical SEO and builds high-quality backlinks to your website. They will also conduct an SEO audit of your site to identify and fix the issues and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy to achieve your digital marketing goals.

An SEO consultant leads your website to 10 essential focus areas they should work on. SEO consulting services include:

Existing content audit

An SEO consultant will thoroughly audit your existing content, focusing on quick wins. The universe that content is king in SEO, and it also increases traffic and performance. SEO consultants determine the areas that need repair to make it valuable during a content audit. They will look at:

  • Duplicate and thin content
  • They create your URL directory structure which holds your SEO back content that strikes a distant lot of SEO traffic.
  • They find out top-ranking keywords to which your competitors drive traffic.
  • They will analyze competitive gaps.
  • Identify new topics and best keyword opportunities

These are just a few of the factors of content audit.

The expert uses these findings to help plan the content strategy and action plan to get more search engine visibility. SEO consultant starting point out and optimizing your current pages with keywords that increase your SEO rankings.

Technical SEO audit

SEO consultant fixing all technical issues when search engines do not crawl your website. They assess issues and fix optimization that might harm your website’s performance. SEO consultants noted technical errors while auditing websites like website architecture, web page code, URL structure, page load time, robot txt files, sitemaps, etc.

During the technical SEO audit, they will look for:

  • Broken internal and external links
  • Page with duplicate metadata, title, descriptions
  • Incorrect pages in the sitemap
  • Page missing header tag an H1
  • Image Alt Tag attribute
  • Duplicate title and HI tag
  • Minified CSS and JavaScript
  • Increase page speed and more.

SEO consultant judging the content on your page is all about functionality. They identify hidden technical issues and errors that Google sees when crawling your site, which is against the SEO potential of your website. The technical audit gives you the most dramatic results and is key to prioritizing fixes.

Keyword Optimization

SEO consultants identify popular phrases that help your website rank targeted keywords on SERP. It is the most crucial task to finding success with SEO services. There is a lot that goes into keyword research. They can go much deeper than simply finding the most popular keywords for your business website.

Your SEO consultant will find out keywords that you stand a chance at ranking first. There is a ton of competition outranking others for the hottest keywords. So it will not be ranking for the number one keyword but as high as possible for specific ones. Keywords are constantly changing and evolving, so an SEO consultant keeps an eye on your keywords.

Here are four areas SEO consultants consider before choosing a target keyword for your service pages:

  • Most potential organic traffic (popularity)
  • Correct search intent niches relevance
  • Not too competitive to rank for (Low KD)
  • Enough link targets running backlinks email outreach makes sense.

Competitor analysis

Competitors’ analysis is an important part of the SEO strategies that your competitors are leveraging higher rank in SERP. These include competitors’ content, backlinks, On-Page, and off-page SEO techniques to discover your industry’s SEO opportunities.

SEO consultants analyze and provide an action plan to outrank your competitors on search engines. They look into your competitors’ keywords and analyze their target practices. The consultant also finds out competitors on the page and content marketing SEO strategies to reverse the strategies that can help optimize your website.

SEO consultant following

  • Source of your competitor’s backlinks
  • Your competitors targeting keywords
  • Keywords that are given significant traffic
  • Competitors tap pages

On-Page SEO optimization process

SEO consultants change the page directly on your website through the backend or using CMS. They consider two elements technical SEO and content strategy.

SEO consultants look into the keyword, keyword density, missing title, Meta tags, header tags, image alt. tags, URL structure, and the following parameters.

The consultant will also check any canonical redirects, analyze structured data to ensure no duplicate content, and implement a strategy to increase the CTR.

On-page optimization process

  • Improving the content, body text, and all meta tags: An SEO consultant fills all kinds of content and ensures that it’s available and optimized for the right keywords and resembles natural language. They do competitor analysis to discover opportunities for new target keywords and improve content creation, marketing strategy, duplicate content, and copyright issues.
  • Improving URL structure: They improve site structure to be easy for both users and crawlers to understand. SEO consultants identify the roadblocks of your website that hinder navigation and remove them faster to make a responsive website.
  • Improving internal linking: They built natural internal links that are key indicators of website quality to search engine ranking algorithms. As a result, it can implement SEO experts for short- and long-term boosts.
  • Conversion optimization: Improving site performance and target market understanding are important factors. User experience depends on your website design and relevant content to a real audience. SEO expert guides them to boost conversions, reduce bounce rate, and lead to a better ROI.
  • Keyword research that meets search intent: Search volume is unimportant. The role of an SEO consultant is to take responsibility for the right keywords to show up in the right location and provide relevant content for thousands of visitors. Experts do keyword research with a deep understanding of the search intent to make website visitors convert.

Off-page SEO strategies

Off-page SEO can be connected with content marketing that they make outside your website. The method of off-page SEO can double the SEO campaign and bring more target traffic to your website.

An SEO consultant considers the matter when doing Off-page SEO.

  • Backlink audit: Backlinks essential for growth and demonstrating to search engines that focus your website authentic and recognized by others in the niches. Continuous backlink audit keeps your website away from a googles penalty. SEO consultants include thorough backlink audits to avoid penalties for low-quality content and backlinks from Google updates. SEO consultant helps recover from Google updates by removing duplicate content, re-indexing your website on Google, and creating quality pages.

SEO experts help gain high-quality links to your domain, ensuring a higher rank on the SERPs. They do not use any black hat SEO technique and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing and other unethical practices like cloaking to increase ranking. They also help crawlers discover your website easily and focus on authoritative and relevant links.

  • Link-balancing: Link balancing is usually positioned between the local area network (LAN) & the wide area network (WAN). It uses for traffic management algorithms to ensure that every link is being used to the best of its ability.

The quality, velocity, and relevance developed are the most important. The dedication necessary to get balance right requires real SEO consultants who understand the importance of trends. You can not guarantee either Google’s search results or that your competitors stand still because the goal is constantly moving.

  • Social media signals:

Social media signals are engagement from social media users with content you share from your website. It refers to a webpage’s collective shares, likes, and social media visibility as perceived by search engines. These activities contribute to a web page’s organic search ranking that has been seen from a citation, similar to backlinks. An example, if you share a link to a page on your website in a public post on Facebook, that post receives likes, comments, and additional shares.

SEO consultants, your profiles are marked by name, address, and phone numbers, which are important links to your website.

UI/UX recommendation

User experience plays a very important factor in ranking your web pages. Therefore, it is the most crucial parameter affecting your website ranking factors on the SERPs.

SEO consultant review and analyze UI/UX on your site and look at user bounce rate and average time users spend on your website. SEO consultants recommend improving the user experience on your website. Their conversion optimization services encourage users to convert from passive traffic to potential leads and customers to your business.

Detailed tracking/reporting

The ending task of an international SEO consultant is responsible for detailed tracking and iterating. Keep your eyes on your progress all the time to help track your performance. SEO consultant to provide a detailed and transparent report on your website performance.

They constantly monitor and keep you updated with the progress. They will customize every report in the format with relevant metrics of your business, including website traffic, engagement, conversion rate, keyword trend, sales, and so on. An SEO consultant follows up calls every month to discuss and typically track items in this order that they happen:

A reliable SEO consultant will keep close to your website and adapt new strategies if needed. Unfortunately, a temporary drop in SEO traffic is next to inevitable, so changing your site is a form of new surgery and needs time to recover. But with the right strategies, SEO consultants can limit the severity and duration of that drop and rebound. They have several key tricks to help reduce that risk, and your SEO ranking will rise.


What are organic SEO consultants?

Organic SEO consultants is an independent professional who helps your business rank better on search engine results pages.

What do organic SEO consultants do?

An organic SEO consultant provides a wide range of services to improve Google’s search rankings, including SEO technical audit, On-page and off-page SEO.

What skills should an organic SEO consultant have?

An SEO consultant needs various ranges of skills. They must have e the skill to solve and improve on-page SEO, create high-quality content, and be an excellent communicator.

How can you find good SEO consultants?

You can find them by searching review sites, running Google searches, asking for networks, and posting on job portals.


An Organic SEO consultant gives your website a competitive advantage in search results. They can deliver incredible results to startups and small businesses, helping them improve every SEO factor. A good SEO consultant can make various strategies like on-page optimization, development, and competitive analysis according to your need.