Do you know what a guest post is? The guest post is a fabulous strategy that brings many benefits to online business and to gain authority and improve presence on the internet. A guest post is great content marketing and Off-Page SEO strategy that help raise your brand’s domain authority and improve reputation. Many benefits are receiving or writing healthy guest posts to improve positioning through online marketing techniques.

Is your business dealing online in health and looking health guest post blog that accepts write for us? If you are looking for a free health guest post, you are landed on the right place to go. You can get high authority do-follow backlinks to your website by submitting health guest posts. Many health, fitness and wellness-related websites will help increase conversion, new audience and brand visibility for your business.

Here you will get free health guest post sites that accept guest posts.

What is a guest post? 

A guest post is a method in which one person creates a post for another person’s website to increase their network, authority, exposure and backlinks. Guest posting is publishing their blog post on a third-party blog to invite them to collaborate.

In a technical sense, guest posting creates an opportunity to get an authority backlink from another website in your relevant niche to connect your offers to their network.

Guest posting is today’s most effective and powerful content marketing technique to enhance a brand’s authority. It is a collaboration blog, a win-win technique that works, and both parties benefit, and that’s what they like the most.

Why health guest post blog? 

If you have a health or fitness niche and want to gain more organic traffic, brand visibility, and online presence, you must find health blogs that accept guest blogs. Guest blogging also helps to build your website’s good relationship with other bloggers and readers who visit your website for their queries. The valuable part of a health guest post is that users will also share your post on social media with friends, and you can generate huge social referral traffic, which increases your flowers on your social media profile.

What benefits of writing guest posts? 

The business world is expanding rapidly, which affects many other areas. One of them is marketing challenges, which, through strategy and creativity, tries to improve a product, service or brand. The most effective strategy is to write a guest post, which consists of writing articles for other blogs to insert a link to your website. It has the great advantage of using these strategies.


Promote your website

Promote your website without having to pay—people following that blog who have not heard of your website. It will increase your brand visibility and the good reputation of the business website. Also, guest posts may help grow exponentially in front of readers who will be more interested in what you share.

Increase organic traffic to your website.

Guest posts on other blogs will increase traffic will be higher. It is something positive to develop contact with your target audience. In the guest post, sign with your name and description, including links and connect to popular social media to improve your visibility and presence. If readers like it, they will follow you on social networks to see your articles.

Meet readers and expand your contracts.

When you contact others to collaborate on their blog, they offer you a space to express yourself. It is very important to be respectful and follow the host’s requirements. It will help your network of contacts expand, and you can grow thanks to other people’s knowledge.

Beneficial for SEO

Suppose you write a guest post on another blog with a better domain authority that helps better position your brand. The website where you will write guest posts is more relevant to search engines than your website. Therefore, it will help your search ranking and improve the SEO ranking of your website.

Develop your writing skills.

When someone invites you to write for us, you always try to be your best, adding value to your article and yourself. Write content with new ideas and expands your knowledge, which helps to improve your skills every day.

Give you authority

Whether posting your article as a guest author on another blog by an author your guest post gives you authority. If someone publishes a guest post on your website, this earns the trust of your target audience. Similarly, if you collaborate and publish your article on another blog, your brand is a weighty reference that achieves authority.

Expand your client portfolio.

Your high-quality content can reach more audiences through guest blogging, and they never leave your blog. You can reach the right audience they recommend and follow your blog post.

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How do you find health guest post opportunities? 

It is not easy to find healthy guest posts, but that does not mean it is impossible. If you find the time to do manual outreach, here are helpful ways to find high-quality sites that host health guest posts.

Google: You have to start with the internet, like Google search. Many sites accept guest posts based on their content framework. You can use Google search or use advanced search tools for specific information.

You can find high-quality health guest post websites by using queries like

“write for us” + “health”

“guest post” + “health”

“write for us” + “medicine”

“health” + “submit guest post”

“health” + “guest post guidelines”

“health” + “become a contributor”

“submit guest post” + “fitness”

“fitness” + “submit guest post”

Social network: You can use top social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to highlight your skills as a guest blogger. It is such a great platform to attract the audience you are looking for.

Your circle: Today, most businesses have websites. Leveraging your network can help you land plenty of quality guest posting opportunities.

Following guest bloggers: Using social media to find out and connect with prolific guest bloggers can help you get guest posting opportunities with the benefit of expanding your network.

How to Promote Your Health Guest Post Site

Most search for keywords like exercise, weight loss, fitness, healthy recipes, etc. When you wring a guest blog, include such keywords. If your guest post does not meet these keywords in your title will turn up unsearchable blogs and be turned down by the other health blogs.

Your guest blog post should be informational rather than promotional. Suppose you submit product information, ad copy, reviews and other similar stuff. Write informative ways that the audience can learn something from your blog post.

You can submit the heading or full text to get credited for the unique content writing. Submit your article to sponsored post sites after submitting your article to several directories.

Your article should be health-related for SEO and quality backlinks; otherwise will not get potential readers.

Ensure your article is SEO friendly and improve Off-page SEO strategies to rank your website in search results pages to attract

Top Free Health Guest Post Sites List with DA, PA [Updated] 

Submit a health guest post based on how many articles you want to submit. If the blog only accepts once a week, you should submit up to one article per week. The quality of your article, not the quantity of health-accepting guest posts, should be worthy of publication.

To make it easier, I’ve listed some high-quality free health guest post sites where you can submit your guest post.

Sl. Health guest post site URLs DA PA
1 87 56
2 82 70
3 76 43
4 76 31
5 73 25
6 72 33
7 69 58
8 67 37
9 66 34
10 66 24
11 64 34
12 60 40
13 59 35
14 59 33
15 58 31
16 58 26
17 58 18
18 57 30
19 56 26
20 55 50
21 55 37
22 55 36
23 55 30
24 54 44
25 54 40
26 54 31
27 54 27
28 54 24
29 53 47
30 53 35
31 53 31
32 52 39
33 52 30
34 51 36
35 50 39
36 50 36
37 50 28
38 50 27
39 49 30
40 49 26
41 49 23
42 48 34
43 48 26
44 47 30
45 46 37
46 46 27
47 43 42
48 42 26
49 41 34
50 41 27
51 40 42
52 39 24
53 38 22
54 37 27
55 37 20
56 35 40
57 35 20
58 34 40
59 34 40
60 34 37
61 38 28
62 38 25
63 33 32
64 32 25
65 30 36
66 39 21
67 28 37
68 25 36
69 17 38
70 15 29
71 6 19

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Those all-health blogs accept guest posts. If you do a guest post, your site domain authority will increase, and you will get more potential traffic.

Follow our list of health guest post sites and watch your guest blogging demand increase with each new post. Check the health guest posting sites that already have a good reputation. If you include your name in the “About Me” section, readers will know who you are.


What is a guest post for SEO?

Guest post is marketing tactics that involve writing content for another website to promote your brand visibility. Guest posts can share your expertise with relevant audiences that help to build your profile and raise brand awareness.

What do you write in a health blog post?

Position yourself as a health leader using credible sources in your health blog post.

  • Use plain language
  • Keep it short
  • Be conversational
  • Connect to your readers with a personal story
  • Update as needed

What is a health blog?

A health blog will typically provide valid information about common health concerns. Diseases and conditions often include causes, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment. Each health blog should be focused on one topic, and the article should be as thorough as possible.

How do you write a health journal?

It is an important thing to maintain a health journal is to write down everything accurately and honestly. Write down how you feel about things such as slight pain, weakness, etc. Be specific while you are writing about the health journal.

What are the benefits of health guest posting?

  • Increase in traffic and search ranking
  • Increase in credibility
  • Build relationship opportunities
  • Increase social media flowers
  • Increase sales and revenue

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